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Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie

Plum Pretty Sugar produces high-end women’s clothing and loungerie, as well as women’s and men’s accessories, bedding, and stationery. They also have a bridesmaids’ line. They’ve been featured on many wedding blogs, USA Today, and The Ladies’ Home Journal. On the home page and many pages throughout, Coalition includes a controlled jQuery slideshow. Navigation bars vary with information throughout the site, but all of the menus are located on the top and left hand side of each page for easy accessibility. Plum Pretty is very involved within the social media sphere. So we’ve included links to places like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Plum Pretty Sugar’s personal blog via BlogSpot. The actual web design is simple in appearance, but very chic. You can’t really justify buying a $400 cotton dress without the style and quality of the brand being clearly communicated. The fact that the $400 dress has been featured in a Blake Shelton video doesn’t hurt. Coalition accomplishes an overall look and feel that is quite clean and stylish. Most of the design is grey and white except for the actual products. This creates more of an emphasis on the clothing by Plum Pretty, which pops out with bright and flowery colors – quite clever tact! Lowercase sub-navigation bars, uppercase main menus, and a loopy, cursive title for Plum Pretty Sugar create an elegant aesthetic. A subtle and creative design, this Coalition Technologies project was a stroll in the park.

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