Ecommerce Website Design

Because of our unique skill set, Coalition Technologies has an ability to be especially effective for brands that depend on their web presence most. Many of those companies use ecommerce websites to make an impact with their consumers and with their retailer or distribution partners. But navigating the murky waters of ecommerce can be difficult and requires someone dedicated to determining the best outcome for you. For most of our clients, its almost impossible to dedicate enough time and energy to this process on their own. So they turned to us, as expert consultants in ecommerce developments, we can support the design, build, and marketing of their shopping cart sites.

Coalition Technologies is especially unique in one specific way- many ecommerce designers specialize in only one shopping cart. They can either build Magento, or they can build Shopify. Or perhaps they are good with BigCommerce but not with Volusion. Ultimately, they’re so specialized, they’re incapable of providing an unbiased and industry knowledgeable opinion about which shopping cart is right for the client. Coalition, however, is a development partner with 7 of the top 10 ecommerce platforms (based on # of deployed stores). Our development partnerships are with BigCommerce, Magento, Magento Go, Shopify, Volusion, OSCommerce, and ZenCart.

And to top that off, we have specialists in each platform. Rather then trying to be average at each, we aspire to be excellent at all. Whether you’re looking for an enterprise class site with every feature imaginable and significant automation, or for a first ecommerce site for a growing brand, we can help

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