Employees of the month - March 2019

Employees of the Month | March 2019

Employees of the month - March 2019

As a premier digital marketing agency, Coalition Technologies is committed to hiring and retaining the best talent in the industry. Our Employee of the Month program affords us the opportunity to recognize the contributions of this world-class talent and to motivate our entire team to strive for excellence. This month, we’d like to congratulate Megan and Myra, two of our top performers.

Behind the Scenes With Megan

An invaluable member of our Marketing Digital Production team, Megan has been working at Coalition Technologies for nine months. She serves as a tireless liaison between our clients and internal team members, and she loves how the job allows her to learn more every day. Her clients cover a wide range of industries from jewelry to technology to meditation.

Megan is quite the passionate traveler, having spent the past three years living in different countries and working from some of the best co-working spaces in the world. According to Megan, “Coalition gives me the freedom to work and travel – the ultimate dream. When I’m not working, I am found practicing the ukelele on the beach, at a yoga class, trying out new restaurants, or planning my next trip!”

Behind the Scenes With Myra

Myra has been working at Coalition Technologies for two years. As an assistant to our company’s president and COO, she helps analyze data and generate strategic reports for top management personnel. She also generates sales documents and conducts competitor research to help management generate business development, marketing, and other operational ideas for improvement.

A lifelong adventure seeker, Myra loves roller coasters and has ridden many of the world’s tallest and fastest thrill rides. She has enjoyed skydiving, trapezing, and whitewater rafting, and she dreams of someday bungee-jumping and riding in a hot air balloon. Myra also enjoys trying different cuisines from around the world, though she admits she’s not a big fan of coffee or alcohol.

Stay Tuned for April!

Congratulations again to Myra and Megan, and thank you both for helping to make Coalition Technologies an industry-leading digital marketing agency!

To learn about more of our world-class team members, be sure to stay tuned for April’s Employee of the Month announcement.

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