Facebook vs. Google

I am pretty convinced that these two giants of our digital era are going to be coming to blows in the near future. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been secretly spreading rumors around each others backs in their Los Angeles board rooms (or wherever they have their board rooms).

I’m so convinced, I drew this depiction of what I perceive to be the coming future:

Search Engine war
Two giants face off on the field of combat!

When my predictions become true, everyone can buy this image from me for $5.00. Otherwise, you’re not authorized to reproduce. The image.

In all seriousness, there is definitely going to be some head butting going on. Google’s been working on developing a viable way to incorporate social networking into its core business for too long, and Facebook has been growing too fast and is undoubtedly starting to nibble away at Google’s advertising. Google tried Buzz, and flopped at it, because of user privacy concerns. Facebook has a patent on social search, which was approved in February of this year, after a good seven years in the US patent office. Google’s coming out with Social Circle at some point in the near future, and is already trying to use social popularity as an algorithm factor for their search results.

Too many of our LA marketing clients are looking to be present in both- to make an impact in organic search, you have to get a great SEO campaign running. To make a splash in social media, you have to have a great promotion and brand identity that you can leverage for connections. Money is going to both places and that’s a problem for both of them.

Who has the advantage right now? Google, without a doubt. They are the name in search engines, with over two thirds of the market share. They have their own browser, their own mobile phone OS (I know Android is open source, but it is basically Google), and still process a ton of queries that lead to Facebook’s pages.

But it also creates complications- Google’s stock is a good measure of its success (and it’s confidence). With Internet Explorer 9 getting rave reviews, Bing and Yahoo joining forces, and Apple pushing back against the Android devices with iPad 2 and possibly an upcoming iPhone release, its getting hit from all angles. If I were a betting man, I’d be pulling my money from Google unless they can come out with a knock out punch on one of these opponents soon. If Facebook joins in on the melee with Google as the punching bag, this could be the internet’s version of shock and awe.

Just saying. And besides, there’s a picture. Pictures are worth 1000 words, right?

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