Find Your Center With Brightmind Meditation

Find Your Center With Brightmind Meditation

Coalition Technologies is partnering with Brightmind Meditation to help bring the world’s consciousness into a new age! Brightmind makes the practice of meditation easy and enjoyable with their simple-to-use app, and we’re excited to be able to raise their profile even higher.


Brightmind was started by experienced meditation practitioners Shinzen Young and Julianna Raye, bringing their combined expertise in the fields of spirituality and neuroscience to open meditation up to a whole new audience. Brightmind offers in-depth, customizable meditation goals and provides a range of spiritual acumen from experts in the field.

This isn’t fly-by-night trend-hopping but a true marriage of spirituality and technology. Brightmind already has a strong following thanks to the simplicity of their courses and the integrity of their teachers. Their reach and reputation can only go up from here.


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