Five Things You Can Learn from a Professional Website Audit

So, you decided it is time to take your website to the next level and understand that a website audit is the first place to begin. What are the top takeaways that you should expect to learn from your website audit?

Build Your Personalized Audit Checklist

Every website audit is unique to your business and the timeframe of when you conduct the audit. Depending on the frequency of when your business conducts its audits, a lot could have changed with your competition and the various technologies that influence web presence. Make sure you keep track of each audit, so you ensure your website value progresses each time.

There are main five categories to track:

  • Competition
  • Ease of Use
  • Call to Action
  • Duplicate and Outdated Content
  • Strategic Improvements

Win the Race

Once you engage the help of a professional website auditor, one of the first things they should do is help you understand what you are doing well compared to your competition. The audit should show where your competition is beating you, and how you can exceed them in the areas that will generate the most customer engagement.

You should be able to see a clear website audit report for both you and your competition, so you can add that intelligence into your marketing and sales strategy.

Yellow Pages

Can Your Customers Find What They Are Looking For?

You can have the greatest content in the world, but if your customers cannot find it, the hard work your team went to in creating it is going to waste.

Sometimes the best websites are the ones that have a clear path for customers to understand what is the quickest way to address their business problem or consumer demand.

From your website headers, to your knowledge base and site map, every detail needs to be clear and concise so you maximize your customers’ time. This will encourage them to be repeat visitors and will result in customer referrals.

Your Website Should Prompt Action

If you have a high percentage of website visitors, but they never become customers or third-party brand ambassadors, this is a problem you should address immediately. First and foremost, your homepage should be filled with calls to action. If you are not capturing leads and conversions from your major points of interaction, your website audit should show you this.

Once your audit report is complete, the expert that performed it for you should be able to offer some simple tips to not only enhance your website’s stickiness, but also enhance its conversion effectiveness.

Keep Your Content Clean

You now have a game plan for surpassing your competition’s website. You have also effectively designed your site, so your customers can find what they are looking for. You also have ensured that their visits turn into sales and conversions.

To finish the process, the auditor should be able to show you if you have any duplicate content or pages, so you can streamline the website experience. Even though this next step may be cumbersome, ensure all your content is still accurate and available to use. There is nothing like having outdated information or case studies on your website from clients that are now out of business. That takes away from your brand perception as a leader in your respective industry.

Your Online Strategy Should Reflect Effective Simplicity

These categories will be more than enough to make sure your online presence excels. Most importantly, they should help you create an aggressive, cohesive foundation that is simple and will enable you to proactively market to customers on the internet. Your online plan should be part of a larger marketing strategy where your website is in order. Imagine if you went to a grocery store that had expired food, food labeled in the wrong places, and nowhere to checkout. If you follow the first four categories, the fifth part of revamping your strategy should prevent this problem in your online storefront.

Contact Coalition Technologies

Should your trusted advisor have more areas than these, that is great. But make sure everything connects to how each part of the audit checklist provides you with a competitive advantage. Coalition Technologies can help. Our audits are among the most thorough in the industry, and we help businesses large and small to optimize their rankings, revenue, and overall success. Contact us today at (310) 827-3890 for a free quote.

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