Forbes Ranks the Top Web Design Trends for 2014

When you are looking for professional Venice web design, you want to choose designers who are on top of the latest design trends so that they can design you a website that people will want to go to. Forbes has just released a short list of their top ranked design trends in 2014. This is a good way to get a feel for where web design is going this year, and is an easy way to gauge whether your designers of choice are on top of the latest web design trends. Below is a brief summary of Forbes’ findings.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is basically a design feature that allows your site to be scaled to whatever viewing screen is necessary. With responsive design, the same website will work on computer screens, smartphone screens, and tablet screens. This is very important to build into your website; a sophisticated web design platform should do it automatically. Many consumers now browse the web with various mobile devices and tablets, so your website should cater to any sort of device a visitor is happening to use. This capability can dramatically affect your Google ranking as well. A skilled Venice web design professional will know to build a site that works perfectly on a wide variety of devices.

Simple Design

Simple design does not necessarily mean generic or bare bones. A website with simple design is a website that is designed to make navigation as intuitive and easy as possible. Emphasis is placed on design elegance: how do you get rich content, quality images, and superb organization together on a website with the simplest design? A good designer should be able to do this.

Storytelling Design

How do you get a clear idea of what your brand stands for to your customers without rubbing it in their faces? You do this with storytelling design. As you scroll down your webpage, your customer should be presented with engaging copy and meaningful images that tell the story of who you are. This story should be enjoyable for the customer to take in and ingratiate them to your brand. The right venice web design professional can achieve this skillfully without bombarding the viewer with obnoxious appeals.

Get the Most Out of Professional Web Design

These three design trends are the most popular this year because they are getting superb results. People want to see websites built on these principles, and the traffic going to websites that implement them reinforces this point. Look for a Venice web design professional who is not only aware of these principles, but can put these principles into practice. If possible, take a look at the designer’s portfolio and see for yourself.

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