ForensisGroup Unveils New Website – With Help from Coalition Technologies

ForensisGroup New WebsiteCoalition Technologies is very pleased to announce the launch of Forensisgroup’s new website. We have been working closely with our client over the past several months to craft a website that everyone, from both sides, felt truly expressed the nature, purpose, and brand of the company. In today’s world, a company’s website is often their first chance to make an impression on a potential client, and the modern internet user is at least moderately aware of the quality of a business’ website. Given the level of sophisticated consultation that ForensisGroup offers its users, we felt it only appropriate that ForensisGroup’s website exemplify intelligent, streamlined, responsive design.

Getting Started: Finding the Experts

ForensisGroup recommends expert witnesses for legal cases to thousands of clients and legal professionals. They have participated, indirectly, in over 10,000 cases nationwide and boast over 8,000 clients on retainer. As an expert witness consulting group, ForensisGroup came to us with the purpose of creating a website that simultaneously exemplified their years of expertise, while also making that expertise easier to access for their internet users.

We suggested a WordPress build for ForensisGroup’s site, citing the streamlined design language and ease of use of the platform. A WordPress site would be easier for administrators to update, and easier to use for visitors.

ForensisGroup initially contacted Coalition Technologies to improve their SEO and revamp their site. In the time since we have taken on this new client we have significantly advanced their SEO engagement and substantially broadened their visibility, and through their new website we believe they will only continue to grow.

Streamlining Expertise

ForensisGroup, as part of its business model, keeps a massive database of experts in a wide range of fields, connecting legal experts to the witnesses they need for their particular case. In order to streamline the process of screening and selecting an expert witness for their legal case. The site now features ways to add experts to a “cart” similar to an online shopping cart, and to request more witnesses if they don’t find what they need. We believe these advanced features will greatly improve the functionality of the website, which will in turn lead to more users finding what they need when they use the site.

Additionally, we gave ForensisGroup’s website a stylistic update. Drawing inspiration from the company’s office space, we have furnished them with a clean, vivid, and readable website that reflects their expertise, sophisticated services, and credibility.

We are extremely pleased with the results of our collaboration with ForensisGroup, and hope that they find our work to be of great help to them, going forward. We’ve already heard from our client and we’re thrilled to say they’re quite happy with our work.

The Coalition Advantage

At Coalition Technologies we pride ourselves on doing work that best suits the clients needs, rather than our own. We are dedicated to bringing our own expertise to our clients’ challenges, creating new avenues by which our clients can communicate with their clients and audience. If you’d like to put our expertise to work for your own business or web project,  call us today for a free consultation at (310) 827-3890.

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