Gas prices got your customer down? Get your LA business online!

$3.50 a gallon? Yikes. I remember when I first started driving and the price per gallon crested over the $1.00 mark. I remember my parents telling me to drive less or get a job. Everyone was griping about a buck. Now, this summer, experts are saying $4.00 per gallon of unleaded fuel is almost guaranteed. Certain large metro areas will definitely paying more.

What do the economists say is going to happen as a result of the increase in prices?

Start car pooling and eliminate unnecessary trips out? Absolutely. Avoid traveling? Yup. Monitor their expenses more closely? Right on.

I know that as small business owners, those things can seem quite frightening. A lot of you depend on your customers to visit your store to generate revenue. Most of you have been relying on word of mouth or location to draw you the crowds.

The notion that those crowds may not be coming out as frequently, or in as large a number, could be frightening.

But of course, there is an answer, and the fact that you’re reading this here means that you probably already have an inkling to what it is.


Its not just a tired mantra from a business consultant. The reason the internet is so huge, and keeps on growing, is that it is convenient. For the most part, you’re not charged by miles per gallon! It doesn’t matter where you live in Los Angeles or Seattle or the surrounding neighborhoods. If you’re online, your customer can find you, reach out to you, and make a buying decision without having to spend the extra gas.

I know that for me to drive 25 miles in rush hour traffic costs over one gallon of gas. Depending on where you’re located, and if most buying decisions require more then one visit, you could be costing your customers an extra twenty bucks per trip! That starts to factor into the buying decision at some point.

Coalition Technologies will help you eliminate that cost for your customer and create a high ROI with a custom coded website that focuses on your business model. Don’t just look for a cookie cutter templated site that says nothing new, and fails to engage your clients. Have us create that unique marketing campaign that is always looking for ways to pull a new qualified client in through the door.

Whether you want to transition your Santa Monica storefront to a Los Angeles ecommerce site, or if you just want to inform your prospects about your services and prices with an informative web design, we can help. And since social media marketing is beginning to play more and more of a role in search engine rankings, let us help you get a Facebook and Twitter account set up. We won’t just link to those profiles with a ‘like’ button. We actually can create a meaningful user experience on each, and provide coaching on how to build up a following that translates to money.

If you’re in the LA area, and want support for search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media, or Adwords, we’re here. Give us a call (you won’t even have to drive anywhere)!

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