Get to Know 60x Custom Strings

Get to Know 60x Custom Strings

Coalition Technologies couldn’t be happier to announce our new venture with 60x Custom Strings, a company that prioritizes finely crafted bowstrings for professional archers and casual hobbyists alike. This niche market is small but strong, and 60x Custom Strings has a dedication to quality that has made them a force to be reckoned with in their field right off the bat (or bow, as it were). And you better believe we’re excited to join them in taking their brand even further.

About 60x Custom Strings

60x Custom Strings was started by world-renowned championship archer Brad Patsy with the goal of bringing the best archery materials to bowmen and women from all walks of life. The word “custom” in the company’s name is no idle boast: 60x tailors their strings to the specifications of each individual customer, be they a wholesale distributor or an individual in need of a tune-up. Their online store features an incredibly comprehensive shopping guide divided by brand and type of bow, and they even sell kits to help make your own bowstrings.

60x Custom Strings combines an old-world sense of craftsmanship and individual customer satisfaction with a canny marketplace that caters to the conveniences that modern consumers expect. They have a versatile inventory and an approachable, family-friendly brand aesthetic that can endear them to archery enthusiasts of all kinds. Between the archery pedigree of their founder, the knowledge of their team and their willingness to go the distance for every customer, we think this brand can absolutely dominate in their field, and we’re pleased to be able to help this company reach their dreams.

Get Coalition Technologies on Your Team

The Coalition team may not be winning any archery competitions anytime soon, but one thing we do share in common with 60x Custom Strings is our dedication to our individual clients. We create individualized SEO strategies based on the specific needs of our partners, and we’re always ready to go the distance in helping you get your message across. Coalition doesn’t discriminate based on how long your company has been around or how developed your brand is: whether you’ve got a great idea and you’re looking to take it to the next level of visibility or a distinguished company that needs a traffic jumpstart, Coalition Technologies has got your back.

Our doors are open to new clients year-round, but why wait to start reaching your potential? You can call us at (310)-905-8268 or visit our contact page right now to set up your free consultation. If you’ve got the passion for your brand, Coalition has the resources, expertise and flexibility to bring it to the world in a whole new light. Get in touch today and start reaching the heights you’ve always dreamed about.

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