Green Horizons Hydroponics Partners with Coalition Technologies

Green Horizons is an up-and-coming online hydroponics retailer, specializing in everything from plant growth minerals to optimized lighting solutions. The company’s website offers dozens of unique products to satisfy every possible need for terrestrial plant growth, and Coalition Technologies is proud to be a part of the company’s development.

Green Horizons provides customers and prospective customers not only with an impressive product line, but with a wealth of online resources that provide information on different hydroponics systems, cultivation techniques and even plant nutrients. Their user-friendly website features a blog, a learning center, neatly organized product pages and a secure, easy-to-navigate shopping cart.

The company learned of Coalition Technologies through BigCommerce. Coalition is on B.C.’s recommended partners page, so Green Horizons reached out to us for assistance in setting up their online store. We told the owner, Syed, about the many benefits of the BigCommerce shopping cart platform, including the ease of use and SEO friendliness, and we also shared our own positive experiences using the platform. Thus began a productive, mutually beneficial partnership.

In addition to recommending and helping to set up the BigCommerce shopping cart for Green Horizons, we designed the company’s website, set up the product line and implemented onsite SEO strategies for improved search engine presence and visibility. All in all, the client is extremely satisfied with our work and we are continuing to assist them with minor details to ensure that the site is the best that it can be.

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Green Horizons Hydroponics

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