How to Do a Website Audit

The performance of your site has direct and immediate consequences to the success of your enterprise. A healthy website that is search-engine optimized will attract more internet traffic, and ultimately garner more sales. As a result, having complete control over the function of your web presence is paramount in conducting a successful online marketing campaign. Knowing a few of the basics of how to do a website audit will help get your site closer to maximum performance.

Research Your Site Rankings

There is a very simple way to gauge your site performance: start looking for it on the web. Type in the names of the products and services you offer, or the typical search words potential customers may use when browsing. Where does your site rank on the page? Which page can it be found on? Which keywords are more likely to lead to your site, and which to your competitors?

The financial ramifications of site rankings are immense. Regardless of the actual quality of products or services, the first few companies appearing in search results are much more likely to be successful than those further down the list. Determine which potential search words aren’t leading to your site or allowing it to rank well, and reconsider some of your SEO techniques.

Evaluate the Content

There are two general areas of consideration when assessing your content: Its user experience and search engine optimization.

User Experience. The ultimate aim of the Google ranking system is to reward sites that provide the most valuable content to users. This includes content that is well written, original, and updated often. As a site owner, a homepage that is easy to read, simple to navigate, and that has a clear, direct purpose is beneficial in improving your rankings the old fashion way: with a positive visitor experience. It makes it much more likely to earn return customers, as well as garner positive recommendations.

SEO Optimization. If your site isn’t meeting expectations in the site rankings or is experiencing low internet traffic, one reason may be that the content isn’t optimized. This involves organically including keywords in the content that potential customers may enter into search engines when searching for your products or services. Targeted keywords should appear in the title, as well as throughout the content. Note: over-optimized writing may appear suspicious to Google and warrant a penalty in the rankings.

Check the Meta Data

Title tags and meta descriptions are important tools that help Google figure out what type of site you have. Although it isn’t visible on your site, meta data is an important component in site rankings. Part of how to do a website audit involves making sure the title tags adhere to the optimal length and contain targeted keywords, and that the meta descriptions are catchy and attractive.

Images are one of the most overlooked component of SEO practices. Many people search using images, but if the alt text and associated meta data are missing, they aren’t benefitting your site. Making sure every photo is linked and described is an essential part of a successful audit.

Use Google Analytics

Available in both a free and advanced paid version, Google Analytics offers useful data. Knowing what to make of this information is essential in understanding how to do a website audit. The service can track the tendencies of visitors, such as where they are being referred from and what percentage of visits are converted to sales. This can help a website owner determine which part of his site is functioning well or needs improvement, as well as create a more targeted marketing campaign.

The Advantages of a Professional Service

While knowing some of the basics of how to do a website audit is a must for every site owner, there is no replacement for the assistance of an experienced company like Coalition Technologies. We engage advanced diagnostic tools to pinpoint every weakness in a website and eradicate anything that holds it back in the site rankings.

With a 99% satisfaction rate and 97% client retention, our results speak for themselves. For more information regarding our services, visit our website or call 1-310-827-3890 for a free consultation. We’re happy to discuss with you our innovative and proven methods to getting your site to the top of the page. Call Coalition Technologies today!

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