how to get viewers and followers on TikTok

How to Get the Most Views & Followers on TikTok

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, with the American user growth rate having increased 1239.29% between 2018 and 2023. Many adults in the U.S. spend more than 4.43 billion total minutes per day on TikTok, and it is predicted to pass Facebook’s user growth by 2025. 

Whether you’re running a business and looking to grow your brand awareness and sales quickly, or an individual who wants to climb the rungs of influencer marketing, there are few places better to be than TikTok. Use this guide to learn everything there is to know about growing your following with TikTok.

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Building a Content Strategy

Any brand wanting to increase its followers and views sustainably must have a coherent TikTok content strategy. This strategy will guide everything you do on the platform, from content creation to messaging, tone, and even the metrics that need to be tracked. Here are ways a strategy can show you how to get more followers on TikTok:

  • Audience Targeting: The right type of content and messaging can help you find the perfect audience for your business. Once you understand what your target audience wants to see, you can match their interests and preferences with your content. Brands that are consistent with their posting schedule and quality will eventually be able to build trust with their audience and expand their reach.
  • Build Popularity: Sticking to a thought-out strategy can help you identify how to get more views on TikTok by following the right trends and ignoring the irrelevant ones. In turn, this helps your page maintain and grow its visibility even with rapidly changing consumer preferences. Many businesses miss out on the importance of being selective with trends and mindlessly chase whatever is popular without any meaningful payoff.

    Brands like Gymshark understand how to get more followers on TikTok with trends. For example, look at their understanding of trending celebrities and the best ways to collaborate with them. Their collaboration with the YouTuber iShowSpeed generated over 34 million TikTok views just with a single video. This figure does not include the additional visibility from reuploads on YouTube and other platforms.

a TikTok video of a person performing a deadlift
a table showing the views and likes on a TikTok video

Gymshark’s collaboration produced an awe-inspiring 10% engagement rate even with the massive view count.

  • Measuring Performance: Growth on a social media platform as dynamic as TikTok is rarely as simple as chasing the ‘Follower Growth Rate’ metric every month. The right target for a brand will almost always depend on its short/long-term goals, budget, and other considerations. A TikTok marketing strategy will help you finalize which metrics to target with your content and the best ways to meet those standards.

    Any business that knows how to get more followers on TikTok understands the importance of tracking analytics. If the numbers aren’t quite hitting the mark, you can instantly identify your weaknesses and make early course corrections. 

Posting Frequency

Smaller brands learning how to get more TikTok views often struggle to pinpoint the perfect posting frequency. By frequency, we’re referring to the number of posts and the ideal time to upload that content. Learning the right frequency for your page can:

  • Demonstrate trust to new viewers, showing them that your business is active and open to communicating with customers.
  • Increase engagement through consistency. Once your followers know about your schedule, they’ll keep checking in to interact with the content they love.
  • Boost popularity by engaging with the latest trends and hashtags. A higher post frequency naturally gives you more opportunities to leverage whatever is trending at the moment.
  • Try out new types of content. You can A/B test to see how to get more followers on TikTok. For example, a business that is struggling to get more followers might want to experiment with its messaging and tone, varying it between posts and sticking to the one that works best. 

TikTok recommends posting between 1-4 times a day. This is to be expected, considering the platform benefits from a higher number of daily posts. The actual number of posts you should target depends on:

  • Your budget
  • Capacity (# of employees, place to shoot, etc.)
  • Your audience’s preferences

As a general rule of thumb, you should post more often on TikTok than on a similar platform like Instagram. If you’re not sure how to get more TikTok followers with the right schedule, take a look at your capacity and the type of content your audience wants to see. A small cybersecurity company, for example, would usually make longer videos requiring more production time, limiting them to 1 post a day.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t spam your page with low-quality content if you’re unsure how to get more TikTok views. Posting too often can annoy your existing audience and prevent newer viewers from discovering your content.

Finding Your Content Niche

To learn how to get more TikTok followers, you need to find the type of content that works for your brand and your audience. Fortunately, TikTok offers a ton of great options:

  • Duets: TikTok’s Duet feature makes collaborating with other creators seamless and hassle-free. This feature also offers an easy solution for creators struggling to keep up with their posting schedule. Don’t have time to think about a new post idea for the day? Just collaborate with an already successful video and put your own spin on it! This tool also helps new audiences find your content.
a TikTok dance video challenge

Stitch is a similar feature that also allows for collaboration, but your video plays after theirs instead of side-by-side.

  • Long-Form Content: New creators learning how to get more TikTok followers often miss the potential benefits of long-form content. TikTok has evolved immensely in the past few years, with its users spending over half of their time on videos that are longer than a minute. The takeaway here is that you’re not locked into making short videos to grow your reach.

    Long-form content is particularly useful for businesses that want to create engaging and informative content for their audience. Worried about how longer videos can get more TikTok views despite the platform’s addictive algorithm? Don’t be! TikTok has assured creators that they do not penalize longer (one minute+) content, encouraging everyone to experiment with their posts.

    If you’re unsure how to get more TikTok followers with longer videos, use Starbucks as a model. Starbucks regularly posts long, well-produced recipes and even the occasional low-budget skit for an exciting mix of engaging content that is easy to share and act on.

a Starbucks TikTok video about making coffee
  • Ads: TikTok ads won’t help you speed up your posting schedule or collaborate with bigger creators, but they can help you maximize the value you get out of each post. TikTok’s powerful ad platform allows you to be precise with your targeting and ensures that your content reaches the exact audience it was intended for.

    This is great for brands that might not be able to post as much as their competitors since they can count on their content reaching an audience that is more receptive to buying their products.
  • Reposting: As you learn how to get more followers on TikTok, it’s only natural to run into creative barriers that can slow down your posting schedule. This is the perfect time to repurpose content you might have posted on other platforms like YouTube or Instagram. Tweaking your existing content keeps it fresh for an all-new audience and can give you a ton of new material that you can schedule and post in batches.

    For example, you can take an older 30-minute tutorial from your YouTube channel, cut it up, and add some trending music to prep it for TikTok. Creators who know how to get more TikTok views will divide these smaller videos into multiple parts, ending each of them with a CTA to invite the viewer to watch the next part to learn more.

Scheduling Content

If you’re learning how to get more followers on TikTok with your new content, you’ll want to keep that momentum going by creating your posts in batches and finding a consistent schedule to post them. Scheduling content is a must-have skill, especially as your page grows and your audience gets used to a certain standard of content. 

The Shortcut To Growth on TikTok

With a massive user base and dwindling attention spans, finding a foothold as a small TikTok creator can be a challenge – but it isn’t as hard as you might think. Stick to your content strategy and be consistent with your posts to kickstart your TikTok growth journey.

If you need a little help, contact the experts at Coalition Technologies to find out how to get more TikTok followers the smart way. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses build massive communities on TikTok, and we can’t wait to do the same for you!

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