How to Know if You Need a Website Technical Audit

Conducting a technical site audit at regular intervals is a cornerstone to maintaining optimum site health. A website that is not performing at its maximum seo potential will cost the owner significant losses in forfeited profit. Running a website technical analysis to measure everything from server metrics and downtime to the keyword ratio in the content will give you a comprehensive look into the functions of your website, as well as insight into how to move forward.

website technical analysis

Coalition Technologies can provide a professional and thorough technical SEO audit that will identify every key area in which your website isn’t reaching its full potential. Visit their website or call us today at 1-310-827-3890 to ensure that your site is at its highest efficiency in drawing potential clients.

But how do you know you need a technical site audit? Here are a few signs to look for:

Your Site Doesn’t Rank Well

Search engines like Google use an algorithm based on numerous factors, from the site content to the number of valid links leading to the page, to determine where the site will appear in a search.  If your site isn’t achieving the results you expect when entering typical search words, it may be a sign you need a website technical audit from Coalition Technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

Site Traffic is not Meeting Expectations

If your site isn’t attracting as many page views as you would like or the number of visitors suddenly decreases, this could be a sign that the health of your website isn’t in prime condition.

There are potential factors that could lead to lower traffic, from receiving a penalty for duplicate content you did not realize existed to slow page speed. Coalition Technologies uses a technical site audit checklist to thoroughly inspect the mechanics of your website and remove any hindrance from achieving optimal results.

You Receive an Alert from a Search Engine

Sometimes a search engine will send a message indicating that one of its policy has been violated and that the infraction is preventing the site from being indexed. Some the causes for these penalties may not be the fault of the site’s owner, such as other website copying its content or too many spam links connected to it. The technical site audit from Coalition Technologies will quickly identify the reason for the warning and eradicate the problem.

It has been 3-6 Months Since your Last Audit

Conducting regular website technical analysis is essential to maintaining optimum site performance and maximizing your return on investment. Every moment your site isn’t running at its full potential costs you potential clients and hurts your brand equity. A technical site audit from Coalition Technologies is a small investment with a large and immediate return.

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To further discuss your options or to receive a free quote, visit our website or contact Coalition Technologies at 1-310-827-3890. Our representatives will be happy to provide further details on a technical site audit and how it can benefit your business.

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