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How to Market Your Business Online

Everyone knows that there is money to be made online. Whether its with ecommerce websites, or with mobile applications, or search engines, or social media, there is no shortage of cash flow aimed at the web.

As with every bubble and trend, people are always curious how they can get in and get their piece of the pie. A lot of people are already identifying ways that they can use their existing profession and experience to push their products online. Either they already own a traditional retail store and are now contemplating putting their items up for sale on the web, or they are looking at having a promotional brochure site that will enable them to reach new clients and advertise around the clock.

The big question to many of these people is how to market the business online. How do you get eyes on the page, and how do you get people to start generating revenue?

As experts in online marketing in Los Angeles and Seattle, Coalition Technologies has significant knowledge of a few of the marketing channels below:

    1. SEO: Search engine optimization is still the major traffic booster for most sites, and if you follow Google’s best practice guidelines, you can reliably count on strong traffic, leads, customers, etc for years to come. Remember SEO isn’t a passive process that you do one thing and voila! you’re number one. Its ongoing, and its active, and its aggressive. Your competitors all want the same spots you do.
    2. Adwords (PPC): Google and other major search providers afford you the opportunity to buy ad space on SERP. IF you can afford it. Its important to be very focused with an Adwords campaign and to make sure you’re not wasting money on needless clicks. We’re a Google Adwords Certified developer in Seattle and Los Angeles.
    3. Social Media: The number of social networks available to businesses keep growing and growing. Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. We don’t recommend buying ads on any of them, but it is useful to use their profile pages to engage your audience more personally.
    4. Blogs and other Directories: Find people who talk about what you do and ask them to review your site, service, etc. Offer free giveaways to their readers and special discount codes if applicable. This ensures that you get meaningful PR and that you are scoring valuable links.
    5. Daily Deals Sites: If you’re selling something, it can be a good idea to use a Groupon or Living Social to generate a lot of interest very quickly. Just make sure you carefully analyze their terms and conditions and make sure your business is properly equipped to handle the influx of clients.

We hope we’ve piqued your interest and gotten you on the path to joining the internet revolution! If you need professional assistance or would like to talk through a strategy more, call us at 888. 853. 7280, or check out our services page for more information before contacting us.

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