How We Improved Live Copy Rates

How We Improved Live Copy Rates

For those who don’t know the lingo, “copy” refers to the words on a webpage or the text of an online advertisement. As a digital marketing and web development agency with over 280 clients, Coalition Technologies has a massive amount of copy to track. 

We grow with our clients. So from our early days as a small agency to now, we have had to continually evolve our processes, including for copy production. With Coalition’s copywriting volume, we’ve needed to continuously develop powerful solutions to deliver the excellence our clients deserve. Moreover, we avoid many of the problems that come from slow-moving bureaucracies thanks to streamlining our processes.

So how do we do it?

Flowchart depicting our process for improving live copy rates

Everything Starts with the Client

At Coalition, we seek to understand the client’s business from the moment our work begins. What drives them? What’s their story? What does success look like to them? We cover all of these questions from Day 1 to make sure whatever we produce will align with the client’s goals.

On the internal side, we’ve developed our own proprietary software tool, ScoreTask, to help us accurately track copy status. At each step of production, our project managers keep clients looped in to share their feedback and ideas. We know that the closer we work with our clients, the faster our copy live rate will go.

Our client’s first experience of the team handling their account is the client kickoff call. This is a seminal moment that involves the entire team digging in to understand the client’s goals and expectations.

The Kickoff Process Overview

By asking the right questions, the team understands not only the client but also their industry and their thinking around what a partnership with Coalition Technologies means to their business. We take extensive notes on the client’s expectations and share our findings with the client, making every step of production transparent and open to feedback. This allows us to produce copy that’s faithful to the client’s vision and goals, meaning copy isn’t being ferried back and forth for revisions. This is another facet of our process that improves the copy live rate.

When the kickoff call concludes, our team produces detailed documentation that will guide the campaign, from copywriting guidelines to an initial strategy report. We also set up the client’s presence on ScoreTask, where their copy will be tracked, adding a sitemap and access to performance reports that guide the team’s efforts.

In addition, the team diligently applies itself to research into the client’s industry and competitors, finding formerly unseen opportunities and identifying gaps in our approach.

SEO efforts often take about a year for clients to meet their primary goals, but we see plenty of progress along the way. Managing our copywriting volume helps Coalition track measurable gains on the path to fulfilling the campaign’s big goals.

The Importance of Copy Tracking

With a remote workforce, copy tracking is an essential part of what we do. By eliminating redundancies, we’re able to know with precision where our copy is in its journey to live status, quickly moving it through the stages of production. With the help of ScoreTask, we can quickly process hundreds of pages at once, improving our copy live rate.

ScoreTask alerts us to copy that’s become bottlenecked. As an early warning system, ScoreTask prevents issues by pointing out:

  • which department is currently engaged with the page;
  • what is causing the bottleneck;
  • whom to contact to receive updates on the issue; and
  • how the problem is being resolved so copy can be pushed live.

Bottlenecks in the copy production process happen. With ScoreTask, we’re able to see what’s happened, where it’s happened, and immediately seek remedial action with relevant team members. We save time so clients get copy on their sites faster. At Coalition, copywriting volume is managed with software that serves to reduce the incidence of human error by streamlining the way it’s handled. There’s no ambiguity about where copy stands in its journey to going live with this powerful, in-house copy tracking tool.

Aligning Content and Writers

The first batch of copy is a crucial benchmark in our relationship with the client. This batch defines how closely we’ve listened, alerting us to anything we’ve missed. When this copy is sent to the client for review, feedback is added to the client’s copywriting guidelines immediately. 

Continually updating our knowledge is how we collect the information we need to produce copy that reflects the client’s expectations. Again, ambiguity is eliminated, reducing challenges inherent in the massive copywriting volume Coalition manages each day.

Our company-wide copywriting guidelines seek to empower our writers to produce their best work and align each article to the client’s preferences.

We take the additional step of aligning content with our writers’ strengths. The niche they’re most comfortable writing about is where they’ll produce excellent work, adding value to the client’s website and its target audience. For example, we make sure writers for fashion clients have experience in that industry prior to writing for the campaign. Writer experience helps speed up fact-checking and better matches our articles with industry trends, both of which increase our copy live rate.

Live copy aligned to the client’s branding guidelines

In Summary

Because we’ve streamlined the process and improved live copy rates, we help clients meet their goals faster. With our proprietary technology, we know where client copy is at every stage of its journey to “live.”

Our clients know what to expect, but we also make ample space for their feedback, allowing us to fine-tune our understanding of their copywriting needs. With the continual updating of client copywriting guidelines, writers understand what the client wants, empowering them to deliver excellence. A copy production process that centers on the client allows us to offer every campaign sharply-focused work that helps push clients toward their goals and push our copy live rate further every day.

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