Importing Feeds from Google Merchant Center to Bing Merchant Center Seamlessly

Importing Google Merchant Center Feeds Into Bing Shopping Feed

Google Merchant Center makes it easy to advertise your products in Google Shopping, Product Ads, and Google Commerce Center. In essence, it’s the web software used to put your items onto Google Shopping and similar marketplaces. The Google Merchant Center feed also allows you to monitor the performance of these items in these marketplaces, making adjustments to price, presentation, or marketing as the data indicates.

Bing employs a similar marketplace tool, appropriately called Bing Merchant Center. Focused on largely the same features, it allows users to create a catalog of their items to be displayed in Bing shopping. Product ads are pulled from the inventory you list into the Bing shopping feed. Like Google, Bing offers tracking functionality on all of yours ads with a variety of available parameters. More recently, Google and Bing have come together to allow users to sync their Google merchant center feed to their Bing shopping feed.

Why Sync Your Feeds?

Simply put, it saves time and money! Syncing your feeds saves you the time of updating each feed independently. Most of your offers and ads on Google can be imported automatically to Bing, and you can manually configure your sync to your particular needs.

Further, the new sync feature is a breeze to set up. Any approved ad or offer from your Google merchant center feed is eligible to sync automatically with your Bing feed. Simply open the Microsoft Merchant Center and navigate to the “Import” tab to start the process. The new sync can handle single Google Merchant Center feeds or individual feeds from a single Google account.

Getting Started

Sync allows you to handle most of the process from the Bing shopping feed app, including replacing relevant metadata and setting up notifications. With this, all of your feed ads from both platforms into a single feed.

From the Microsoft Merchant Center, open the Import tab. Sign into your Google Merchant Center account and choose “Create new catalog” from import options. You can then select when to run the import and establish a schedule for further imports.

Sign in to Google

After signing in through your authentic Google Merchant Center account, you will find a list of accounts.

Import from Merchant Center

You can select one and import the feed from the Google Merchant Center account.

The Merchant Center allows you to update your metadata from there, using the Find and Replace features. From there it’s a simple matter of going over your summary and hitting Save.

Further imports can be managed in the same menu if your schedule needs an update. Make sure to still keep an eye on your Google Merchant Center feed, as any problems that might arise there will soon be migrating into your Bing shopping feed!

Coalition Can Help!

Here at Coalition Technologies, we’re big fans of Google and Bing’s new syncing functionality, and we’re always eager to apply our web and marketing ninja skills to a new client’s particular goals and challenges. If you’re struggling with your ecommerce business, give us a call at (310) 827-3890 or email us at to schedule a free consultation. Experience the Coalition advantage today.

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