Incorporating Pinterest into Your Online Marketing Strategy

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While most companies know the benefits of using a Facebook and Twitter account for their business, many have not realized that Pinterests is a great way to engage a customer base as well. There are many unique benefits to a business Pinterest account, and the platform is becoming more important for SEO services in Los Angeles and other places. Pinterest is a good way for a business to interact with the public, especially if you’re a products business relating to arts and crafts, jewelry, furniture, or any aesthetics-related industry.

What is Pinterest, and why is it important?

Pinterest is an online social bookmarking community that allows users to share images, videos and other media through pins to their board. Users can also repin other people’s interests, add captions to their pins and embed their mentions onto websites and other social media platforms. Over 70 million people use Pinterest, and it’s one of the fastest growing social media sites in the world. The company is a good business opportunity as well because its structure and environment offer unique benefits to businesses and customers, and most SEO services in Los Angeles companies incorporate the platform in their business.

Key Benefits of Pinterest

One of the biggest benefits to Pinterest that SEO service in Los Angeles firms use is it’s an opportunity to generate new traffic to a website. Business can interact with their followers and customers through the platform and can respond to their desires by repinning their mentions or adding comments to their pins. In this way, Pinterest is a lot like Twitter in that it allows businesses to interact with their audience.

On Pinterest, a business can also share content and videos with the public. It’s a great medium to get the word out about new products or promotions. A business’ Pinterest board also becomes new content in itself which adds to the company’s web presence. They’re able to interact with their clients through repins and by creating tribute pinboards for new products or to reward loyal customers.

Additionally, Pinterest is a form of market research making it important for SEO services in Los Angeles. By looking at a customer’s pinboard and their pins, a business can tell which of their products are especially popular and which have not struck much of a following. This information can be used to adjust the products or marketing strategy.

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Tips for Using Pinterest to Your Company’s Benefit

Pinterest allows businesses to establish their own business page, and it’s easy to transition from a personal page to a business page as well. One of the newest features to Pinterest is the ability to add gifs to the platform. These interactive pictures are a great way to show customers small segments of products or services without them having to devote the time to watching and streaming a long movie. Rich posts, which feature either articles, product reviews, recipes, movies or place reviews, are another way to engage loyal followers and customers with the in-depth information that they crave. By giving people more of what they want, the business maintains their customer base.

When utilizing Pinterest, there are some things that a business should keep in mind. Studies have found that users on Pinterest respond better to taller images and repin those images to their board. It’s also beneficial to change a Pinterest board with the seasons. For example, a business should switch between their winter and summer products depending on the time of the year.

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