Keeping SEO Cool with KingsBottle

Keeping SEO Cool with KingsBottle

Technology in today’s modern world is always on the lookout for the next revolutionary evolution of products and services we need every day. When KingsBottle applied this kind of thinking to the traditional refrigerated wine cellar, they hit on an idea that transformed them into a global brand. With thorough research, improved design, and advanced manufacturing, KingsBottle combines the industry’s most sought after features into a wine cellar that meets and exceeds the modern consumer’s needs.

Coolers Fit for a King

Specializing in the highest quality wine coolers and beverage refrigerators, KingsBottle services both commercial and residential applications; offering a flexible solution for almost every use. Some of their most popular products include dual temperature wine coolers, beverage and wine combo units, outdoor refrigerators, back bars, and wine-related accessories and decor.

SEO Served Cold

Along with a complete reimagining of what a wine cellar should be, KingsBottle came to Coalition Technologies to reimagine their SEO and PPC campaigns. Since their aim was to achieve better performance from their advertising campaigns, Coalition Technologies launched an in-depth analysis of the current strategies and found that their wasn’t enough optimization or outreach for their site, their PPC campaign needed more targeted keywords, and they were having issues with image management.

We plan to increase their ROI throughout their PPC campaign and achieve a better ranking for relevant key terms through high-quality copy on the KingsBottle website and heavy outreach towards bloggers and influencers in the industry. We also hope to work with loyal KingsBottle clients to highlight the performance and achievements of this innovative brand.

Website Upgrade

In addition to revamping their SEO and PPC campaigns, KingsBottle also wanted to switch from BigCommerce Blueprint to Stencil. They wanted a highly customized Stencil template and home page that showed downloadable PDFs, featured categories, testimonials, and a category menu.

Halfway There

Coalition Technologies has implemented the switch to Stencil and applied everything KingsBottle wished to feature on their website. We’ve also added highly optimized content to key pages to draw more traffic and sales. So far, our work has shown steady improvements for KingsBottle, but we’re confident that completing the SEO optimization and creating a robust PPC campaign will push sales even further.

If your business needs some reimagining, reach out to Coalition Technologies today and learn what we can do for you. Contact us online, by phone at (310) 907-7823, or by email at [email protected].

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