La Familia Gets in the Game with Coalition Technologies

La Familia Gets in the Game with Coalition Technologies

Creating a new brand identity in a world saturated by celebrity endorsements and original ideas is a challenge in the fashion world, but for one clothing brand, the inspiration behind their voice has built the beginning of a powerful force in the industry. La Familia is a brand inspired by the rawness that defines hip hop culture today and pushes to discover the bold, fresh ideas that reflect the strength, struggle, and triumph behind hip hop music’s most iconic artists.

A Lyrical Start

From the garage to the music studio, La Familia strives to represent the everyday experience of life on the streets. The individuality, self expression, and diversity many see around them has been infused into a brand that strives to bring audiences a new way to cultivate their look and discover what makes them unique.

Inspired by hip hop legend The Game, La Familia believes in breaking beyond the boundaries of society and encourages everyone to tell their story, push past limits, and rediscover their power to make a difference in the world. From clothing lines that inspire to fundraising campaigns that save lives, La Familia stands behind those fighting for social change, equality, and justice.

Partnering with Coalition

La Familia came to Coalition Technologies to build more brand and SEO optimized content, as well as raise sales through PPC campaigns. For their online content, we’re approaching copy in two ways: the first is to create a truly unique voice inspired by The Game and his influence in hip hop, while the second focuses on targeted keywords that people searching for the brand would use. We eventually hope to integrate social media more heavily into their website through Instagram, ensuring continuity between The Game’s personal account and La Familia’s clothing line.

In terms of their PPC campaigns, the Coalition team is focusing primarily on the Shopping and Search networks, using images of new clothing lines to draw in shoppers, hip hop lovers, and people interested in self-expression and individuality.

Building a Brand

Our PPC campaigns for La Familia have been a huge pull for the site, raising traffic by over 80%, and increasing awareness and exposure for the brand. Since we’ve implemented copy on La Familia’s main pages, we’ve seen a spike in organic traffic including a massive 600% spike on some of the most popular category pages. As we continue to find more targeted keywords and write more optimized and branded copy, La Familia will see more traffic on their entire site.

If you’re interested in increasing sales, traffic, and revenue, or in redesigning your online marketing campaign, reach out to Coalition Technologies today and learn what our team can do for you. Contact us online, by phone at (310) 907-7823, or by email at


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