Launching Eighty Six’s BigCommerce Website Within 48 Hours

Launching Eighty Six’s BigCommerce Website Within 48 Hours

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Ecommerce businesses face many challenges, and one of the most severe setbacks any company can experience is the sudden shutdown of a website. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to one of our clients, Eighty Six, when Shopify suddenly shut down their website and gave them only seven days to recover all of their data. While these obstacles were formidable, we worked proactively to ensure that they had the support they needed to get back up and running immediately. Here’s how we got Eighty Six’s website back online and ready for business within 48 hours. 

Navigating the Shopify Shutdown: Process and Results

Shopify’s shutdown came out of nowhere for Eighty Six, right as we were preparing to help them optimize their business. With only seven days to recover their data, numerous issues stood in our way, including not being able to download the theme preview. 

We took action immediately to export all of their website data. As we worked to get their site back online, we took screenshots from the cached view of Google for reference. We jumped on a call with the client to work on solving this problem immediately and decided on LitExtension to automate the data migration process to a new platform. 

Eighty Six signed up with BigCommerce and set up their payments while we selected a premium theme and assigned two developers to handle the process of migrating 40,000 records (products, customers, orders, etc.) and establishing their website. 

From 1 PM on Thursday to 4 PM on Friday, we were able to: 

  • Migrate the static pages and other data to BigCommerce.
  • Install the Route App and configure Omnisend and other apps that were requested by the client.
  • Successfully set up shipping and taxes.
  • Automate the migration process, which ended up bringing a lot of junk HTML code from Shopify to BigCommerce (their Shopify blogs were created using page builders). We assigned a team member to clean up all of the blog pages. 
  • Set up configured tracking.
  • Ensure that the page URLs remain the same.
  • Quickly handle the SEO redirect strategy and fix the immediate issues.

Despite such a tight turnaround and an extensive migration process, the results were more than satisfactory for Eighty Six. In fact, from Friday to Tuesday, the new site launch generated the client around $40,000 in revenue and helped them sell around 1,500 products. No matter how sudden or insurmountable an obstacle like this might seem, it’s more than possible to navigate it and get right back on track. 

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