Learn to Love LUVOQA

Learn to Love LUVOQA

Our new partner LUVOQA offers something unique to the Coalition Technologies tapestry, and we’re happy to bring their mission to a wider clientele. Specializing in sex-positive toys, lubricants and accessories for the bedroom, LUVOQA offers a wide range of products with an approachable, tasteful aesthetic and fair prices across the board. Join us in finding out what makes this company so special.

About the Brand

LUVOQA endeavors to take the stigma away from sexual gratification with a philosophy of inclusivity and a painless online shopping experience. Though relatively new on the scene, LUVOQA has already engendered a loyal customer base thanks in no small part to their quick, friendly and informative customer service. If their crossover licensing deal with Broad City doesn’t tell you they’re tuned in to what their clientele wants, we don’t know what will.

While sexual paraphernalia isn’t as taboo as it used to be, it’s still an industry that has an aura of disrepute around it to the untrained eye. LUVOQA does something unique in striking a branding tone that’s unabashedly bawdy and erotic in nature, yet still manages to be welcoming and doesn’t give off a hint of sleaze. There’s an ever-growing market for sex-positive product and businesses, and between LUVOQA’s canny design sensibility, diverse range of inventory, ingratiating voice and commitment to making sure their customers are informed, we think there’s no limit to the things LUVOQA can accomplish in their field.

Coalition Can Help You, Too

At Coalition Technologies we’re passionate about your passion. We don’t discriminate between clients based on how long they’ve been around, the size of their business or the industry they work in—if you have a great product or idea and you’re dying to get it in front of a bigger audience, Coalition is the firm for you. We combine the expertise and resources of a marketing conglomerate with the intimate client care you’d expect from a firm half the size: our sex and adult toy SEO strategies are always revised and tailored to the wants and needs of our partners. And if our history of glowing reviews is any indication, our client-first policy tends to work out pretty well for the brands who choose to work with us.

If you’re ready to get a taste of the Coalition magic for yourself, give us a call at (310) 907-7823 or visit our contact page to send us an inquiry. We take on new clients year round, and your first consultation with us is always free. Never again will you have to start flying blind into adult and sex toy web development projects with an uninvested partner when you have Coalition Technologies on your side. Get in touch today and find out why brands of all shapes, sizes and sales figures have done so well for themselves with Coalition.

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