Los Angeles BigCommerce Design: Another Win for Coalition

Supplement Locker, a Coalition Technologies client for web design and development, offers the latest news and products on health and fitness in the United States. Supplement Locker’s products range from vitamins to ice cream, from meal replacements to self-tanners. They provide all of their more than 5,000 products from nearly a dozen different brands. Their goal online is to provide the best shopping experience possible. They offer daily workout tips and blog entries for the everyday gym junkie. Upon visiting the home page, viewers are taken through a series of jQuery slideshow photos of bulky bros, muscle-toning pre-workout stimulants, and ads for special discounts. There’s a lot to investigate at Supplement Locker, but Coalition makes it easy with links, section headings, and an appealing, organized layout. Power colors like red, blue, and yellow draw attention to the right areas. For example: Supplement Locker emphasizes customer service, so we at Coalition include a customer testimonial in a bright red box that is seen immediately upon entering the home page. With an online business, it’s important to bring attention to the areas that matter most. Coalition Technologies has upped its game with this impressive website.

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