Los Angeles Custom Design: Betterment.com Invests in CT


Betterment, featured on The New York Times, CNNMoney.com, and NBC, is an investment company that gives something a little better than any old investment. They can give consumers cheap, easy investing strategies and tools. Located in NY, NY, they are in the perfect position to analyze different types of stocks and bonds and make the best recommendation for someone to invest in based on his or her personal short- and long-term goals. For a small annual fee, they make the seemingly burdensome investment opportunity not only possible, but also – get this – simple. With direct links to Betterment’s blog, as well as Twitter and Facebook accounts, Betterment is able to stay up to date with social networking and relevant, conversational posting. Coalition Technologies’ complete conversion optimization for Betterment makes it easy and fast to understand something as complex as a lifelong investment. The custom landing page provides many calls to action in bold, vibrant colors. And the appealing layout makes for an easy read. With easy-to-navigate pages, Betterment.com is sure to have a low bounce rate, high traffic volume, and ultimately more revenue for their company.

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