Los Angeles Design Agency Explains the Truth about Parallax Web Design

Any Los Angeles design agency worth their salt keeps up on the latest web design trends and whether the trends are worth pursuing. Parallax web design is a recent trend that caught our attention, a popular new design style that has been turning heads all over the Internet. So what is parallax web design? The best way to describe it is by its visual effects, which you’ve probably seen somewhere in the last few years. When you scroll, there are parts of the page that move faster than other parts, such as pictures and graphics. It makes for a visually striking browsing experience, but is parallax web design all it’s cracked up to be?

Parallax Web Design

Proponents of parallax web design argue that it is a revolutionary style that makes web surfing much more exciting and engaging. It is true that the visual style is striking; images and graphics reach out at you and command your attention while you scroll. However detractors argue that parallax web design is all style and no substance and that the trend will be over in a couple of years. Critics maintain that there is an undue emphasis on the graphics and presentation of the content, and less attention is paid to the substance of the actual content itself. Both sides seem to have some compelling arguments, but our Los Angeles web design agency wants to know: what do actual web surfers think?

The Evidence

A study investigating user experience of parallax web design had some interesting findings. Of the five focused areas of user experience (usability, enjoyment, fun, satisfaction, and visual appeal), users only rated the parallax web site as more “fun.” Some users were even disoriented by the style. If a site using older design elements can be as usable, enjoyable, satisfying, and visually appealing as a parallax web site, then the parallax design style still has some evolving to do before it changes the way websites are designed. That or the trend will pass out of favor and make way for another design fad. “Fun” is a great attribute to keep users coming back, but “fun” also wears out its welcome fast, so you definitely need more substantial qualities to keep users coming back. Our own Los Angeles design agency will only settle on those web design elements that can dependably keep users coming back and won’t go out of style.

Parallax web design does have the potential to evolve further, however, and the style could lead to new design elements that change the way websites are designed. Though the performance of parallax web sites falls short of indicating some sort of design revolution, the style does have time to grow. Our Los Angeles design agency will be keeping a close eye on the parallax style and other similar design trends.

Hire a Los Angeles Design Agency

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