Los Angeles Graphic Design | What is Parallax Web Design?

If you’ve been following the Los Angeles graphic design scene, you’ve probably heard the phrase “parallax web design” being tossed around, usually with a lot of industry buzz surrounding it. What is parallax web design? Does it live up to the hype? Read on for a summary and evaluation from our Los Angeles graphic design firm.

What is Parallax Web Design

Parallax web design is easiest understood by the visual experience it gives its viewers. When you scroll through a web page that is designed using the parallax style, you will immediately notice separate page elements that move at a different speed than the rest of the page, usually images and graphics. This results in a visually striking experience in which a sense of movement is felt and the viewer becomes immersed in the page. The New York Times’ “Snow Fall” page is one of the better mainstream examples of the style, if you are interested in seeing for yourself.

A Revolution in Web Design?

Proponents of the parallax web design style argue that the style is a revolution in web design, and that it will bring in more users due to its immersive qualities. However, critics of parallax design aren’t so sure. Detractors argue that parallax web design is more style than substance, and that the trend will blow over in a couple of years.

An actual study done on the effects of parallax web design on users suggests the latter opinion. The study had users view two different websites: one using a traditional design and the other using a parallax design. Given five areas of the user experience (enjoyment, fun, usability, satisfaction, and visual appeal), the only area that users consistently rated higher for parallax web design was “fun.” Of course, fun factor can wear off pretty quickly, so it is hard to say whether parallax web design is revolutionary in itself.

The Future of Web Design

Parallax web design does introduce some very compelling visual elements to web design, and though the style hasn’t been found to work that great with text-heavy pages, it shines with graphics-heavy and image-laden web pages. Our Los Angeles graphic design firm isn’t necessarily jumping on the style, but we’ll gladly utilize whatever design elements are appropriate to fulfilling our client’s vision. We can expect the future of web design to take ideas from parallax web design and plenty of other schools of thought and combine them in new and exciting ways.

Professional Designers

Do you like parallax web design? Or do you just want a solid, traditional website that gets your customers what they need? Coalition Technologies has extensive experience building websites with a variety of design styles, and we can build you whatever type of website you need for your business. Our Los Angeles graphic design firm employs the top talent in web design, and we have deep knowledge of effective SEO and marketing methods so we can get traffic through your brand new website. Give us a call today at 1-888-652-0637.

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