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Los Angeles Graphic Designers Can Benefit Your Business

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is creativity. It’s design and color, images and graphics, messages and communication. It’s visual and virtual, stimulating and persuasive. It’s here and it’s there. No matter where we are, graphic design is all around us.

More specifically, graphic design is an artistic process used to communicate a visual message, taking images and words and applying them to different types of media like websites, logos and branding, brochures, advertisements, and more. It also falls under the broader spectrum of illustration, which includes niche areas like advertising art and fine art.

Our Los Angeles graphic designers use visual arts, page layout, patterns, colors, and other elements to create a balanced and focused look.

Interestingly, graphic design, in some form, has been around since the very early days of cave paintings and Roman Trajan Columns. It has only recently evolved into a more marketing-friendly tool with the popularity of visual communication in the last century.

How Los Angeles Graphic Designers Can Benefit Your Business

los angeles graphic designersThe ultimate goal of advertising is the sale of goods and services. Graphic design can be a great way to get the message out about your business. It’s an artistic representation of you and your brand and can be an incredibly effective method of conveying emotions, moods, and experiences.

For instance, if you own an online perfume and fragrance shop, your customers obviously can’t make a decision to purchase your product based upon how much they like the smell of the fragrances you sell. Good graphic designers can take a picture, utilize the senses, and create a visual image of the emotional benefits of buying your fragrances.

It’s also worth noting that a powerful image can make or break a business. Pictures, graphics, and artwork tell a story and grab the attention of your audience. Making a favorable initial impression compels people to buy your product or service.

How They Do It

Your business needs lots of things to not only attract customers, but keep them coming back.  Everything from the location of your business (if it’s a storefront) and how well it’s maintained, to competitive pricing and expert knowledge of your product or service, makes the difference as to whether you develop and maintain a thriving customer base.

Staying top-of-mind and developing a brand you believe in is imperative today in the age of Internet marketing. The Web heightens the accessibility of goods online, and with just the click of a mouse, products and services are available in an instant, with every business vying for a piece of the action.

Professional graphic design offer customers a variety of creative ways to engage, enjoy, and remember your brand. Your brand becomes the reason for the existence of your business.

With an ever-changing digital landscape and more and more people using various devices like smartphones, PDAs and tablets, you need to create a solid user interface experience for Web surfers. Your website should also have responsive design capabilities – the ability to provide easy reading and navigating with very little resizing, minimizing or scrolling.

Create a Logo

First things first, you need an attractive logo that represents the essence of your business and leaves a lasting impression in the minds of potential customers. Graphic designers work directly with your business to develop pictures, symbols and words that communicate your company’s purpose, making it distinct and more appealing than anything else out there.

Business Advertising

Graphic designers use print and television, as well as the Internet, to disseminate a message and narrate the story of your business. The goal is to get people interested in buying what you’re selling.  And because advertising is constantly changing, ads must be crisp and fresh in order to keep you competitive in the global market.

Develop an Online Presence

A graphic designer will customize online ads and websites to provide what a potential customer needs to determine whether you are:

  • An authority in your industry
  • Worthy of their trust
  • Customer-centric

You’ll be ahead of the game because people are automatically drawn in by professional graphic design – it gives them the opportunity to learn new things about your company and your brand, and with internet competition being as crowded as it is, strategically placed ads and a professionally designed website compel potential customers to make the choice to do business with you. That’s what effective graphic design does. It sells your brand.

Effortless Communication

la-graphic-designersThe most basic and fundamental aspect of graphic design is communication. Yours should be a message that is conveyed with very little effort or guesswork on the part of your audience. No need for super fancy artwork or graphics; the last thing you want to do is sacrifice the message.   On the other hand, poor graphic design can keep your business from reaching its fullest potential. That’s why it’s important to hire a graphic designer who can take your company’s mission and ideals and put together a package the represents your brand with precision and clarity.

While it continues to emerge and evolve, the Internet is at the mercy of every passing technological whim, making it difficult to determine what works at the right time to get your business noticed online.

Choosing Coalition Technologies

The expert Los Angeles graphic designers at Coalition Technologies know design. We use versatile and customizable platforms like Magento and BigCommerce, which offer complete design freedom to build your brand and create an identity that is uniquely your own.

We develop your website using technology that is automatically responsive to the preferences of your audience, while ensuring the highest possible revenue for you.

Most importantly, we create an experience that establishes your business as a strong online presence and keeps your customers engaged and consistently looking to you to meet their needs. Call us at 1-310-827-3890 for a free quote to see the range of benefits CT offers your business online.

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