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Los Angeles Local SEO Services

Looking for top-notch Los Angeles local SEO services to increase your web traffic sales and bottom line? Coalition Technologies can help. Our digital agency staff has 184 years of combined experience in website marketing and building, and we are dedicated to providing individualized service for all our clients, whether they’re a solo entrepreneur or Fortune 500 company.

Coalition Technologies ranks first among Los Angeles SEO services companies. The statistics speak for themselves – 97% of our SEO clients return to us, and 99% are satisfied with the results they get from working with our SEO team.

We have experts in all aspects of SEO web content, Google analytics, conversion optimization and e-commerce, and our top rated LA SEO experts will study your current website to determine how to better position your product or service on the web. A well-conceived search engine optimization program places your website at the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo! listings. This drives more customers to your site, increasing your visitor count and your sales. But good SEO (and related services like social media outreach) go a long way towards increased visibility for your brand.

SEO, Branding and your Business

Bebe, American Apparel and L.L. Bean all sell women’s clothing, but each company appeals to a different market segment. Their traditional advertising campaigns and web content reflect this, giving each brand a distinct identity designed to draw in their target audience and compel them to buy. Branding usually applies to ad slogans, catchphrases, logos and traditional marketing methods, but good SEO is another way to clearly communicate your company’s mission to consumers.

Every aspect of your company’s web presence, from the text underneath your search engine listing to your website’s content and visuals, should accurately reflect your customers’ – and potential customers’ – needs and give them a clear reason to purchase your items or use your service over the competitors. Coalition will check the URL structure of your website, review backlinks for dead or inappropriate links, review website navigation, optimize content and implement key improvements.

The amount of SEO copywriting varies with every website and business, as some products and industries may merit a larger database of articles than others. Nightclubs, medical products and organic food producers all require a different SEO content approach to attract customers. Coalition can assist you with a full scope of written content, from executive bios and company history to frequently asked questions. OurLos Angeleslocal SEO services experts analyze your business, industry and audience to determine the best approach for your needs.

Use SEO content to further your brand’s status in the marketplace. Think of your website’s landing page as a storefront that entices people to walk in and browse.

We’ll study Google algorithms and the latest trends in SEO to craft the best landing page for your business.

There’s a reason we’re featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Fast Company, PC World and other top websites and publications. We put time and care to each client to brand them through SEO and social media, giving them a distinct “personality.” The content on your site is your business personality, and we’ll help you brand it to attract new customers and retain current ones.

When customers see the name of your company several times when they search your industry, they’ll be more prone to click over to your site. We’ll help you boost your presence on review sites, like Yelp, which help create a buzz for your business all over the Web.  Read some Yelp reviews of Coalition services here.

Quality Content and Quality Backlinks

Quality content provides backlinks for your site. A link to an article, blog or video on your site from across the Web produces more visitors for your site via social media sharing. If you don’t have a Facebook page or Twitter account, or if your current pages aren’t getting the results you want, we have social media professionals on hand to help you get the most from these important branding tools.

Branding is a combination of all these marketing tools, and search engine optimization is at the heart of it. After all, if a tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear it? Customers have to find you before you can buy. Coalition Technologies provides premier Los Angles local SEO services for all industries. As you can tell by the percentage of satisfied customers, we brand any type of business, researching Google analytics and Web trends to further your brand identity.

We Get to Know your Business

Coalition’sLos Angeleslocal SEO services will provide personal attention to your company’s needs, not only at the beginning of your SEO campaign but throughout the entire process. We place an emphasis on clear communication and will make sure you are satisfied with the results. We’ll discuss any suggested changes and listen to your opinions. Coalition takes a proactive approach to working with clients.

Additionally, our team members take the time to know your business. Every company is different. A start-up may need more help defining their goals than a large corporation. And companies looking for a new direction-on and off the Web- will benefit from our team’s experience with companies in similar situations.

Call Coalition Today for More Information about SEO and Additional Services

Contact us today for more details about how we use SEO to help brand your business. We offer social media outreach, Google AdWords campaigns, website design and other services in addition to search engine optimization.

Give us a call for a free quote at 1-310-827-3890. Our skilled SEO marketing professionals are here to answer all of your questions about search engine optimization, online branding and other services that will increase your visibility and drive sales.

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