Los Angeles Local SEO Services: A New Year, A New SEO

A lot has happened in the SEO world in the past couple of years. Since 2011 Google has been ramping up its (not provided) searches; it has also introduced its Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates which together changed – and continues to change – the very meaning of SEO. With Google’s size and influence as the top search engine on the Internet, the company’s innovations are shaking up the way marketing firms are conducting their SEO. 2014 is going to be a new year for SEO, with firms providing Los Angeles local SEO services moving to adapt new strategies and techniques in response to the coming change.

Out With the Old

Gone are the days of simple keyword targeting and mindless link-building. Google’s algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin were both efforts at weeding out websites that simply attempted to manipulate search engine optimization techniques to bring in traffic and make money, without providing the web with quality content that was useful to visitors. Google’s Hummingbird update looked to further this trend by introducing a richer semantic-based search which could understand natural language and return more quality content to its users. On top of that, Google has been gradually phasing in its (not provided) search, or a secure search in which organic keyword data is not provided from site visitors. Whether this move was an attempt to provide customers with a more secure search, or a ploy to force marketers into Google’s paid services, this change is dramatically affecting the way marketing firms handle SEO, from global searches to Los Angeles local SEO services.

In With the New

The simplest way to describe the new SEO landscape in 2014 is that content will be king. Google’s recent algorithm and policy updates are all efforts at encouraging websites to provide rich, useful content to their visitors in order to rank higher in Google’s organic search. You can bet that Google is going to continue to pursue this aim with future updates, so the best way to survive in today’s SEO world is to provide quality content that users will want to keep coming back to, as well as share with their friends and family.

Keywords will continue to be important. Google’s new algorithms are building on their tried and true old algorithms; it will just be more difficult to target keywords with brute force. Putting out quality content with effective marketing techniques will be key to driving traffic, and you can use correlative analytic tricks and constant campaign feedback to see what is working and what isn’t. Plus you can always cross-check organic keyword data from other search engines like Yahoo! And Bing. The same techniques will be necessary for more specific efforts like Los Angeles local SEO services.

Los Angeles Local SEO Services that Work for You

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