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Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms available, in part because of its versatility, and in part because it consistently outranks many of its competitors in terms of design, development, and the ever-important search engine optimization (SEO). As the CEO of Coalition Technologies, a successful L.A. firm specializing in web design, development and SEO, I have had tremendous experience with all of the major platforms, from BigCommerce to Shopify, Volusion to 3DCart, and everything in between. Magento still remains one of my favorites, in no small part because of its powerful SEO capabilities.

The Importance of SEO

When choosing a shopping cart application for your online business, SEO should be one of your top considerations, because even if you have the best products in the world, you’re not going to sell very many units if consumers can’t find your inventory. SEO is the process by which your web pages become more visible in the search engines. For instance, if your company sells jigsaw puzzles, you want your potential customers to easily find you whenever the enter the term “jigsaw puzzles” into a major search engine like Google.

By making certain back-end adjustments to your website, and by creating content and descriptions that indicate what your site is all about and what types of customers should be able to find you, you allow search engines to effectively index your website so that the right people can find it. Some of this work, like building XML sitemaps and writing meta descriptions, was once entirely a back-end job, requiring at least a basic knowledge of programming. Today, though, platforms like Magento are making it easy for anyone to optimize their ecommerce site.

Magento SEO

Magento understands the importance of SEO, and has incorporated numerous tools to allow you the maximum SEO benefit. For instance, here are just a few of the SEO configurations that Magento handles:

  • Title tags. Title tags are the titles that you see in search engine results, such as “Shop a Wide Selection of Books” or “Halloween Costumes for Sale.”
  • Meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are the longer descriptions that you find directly below the title tags in search engine results.
  • Sitemaps. A sitemap is a page that contains a complete list of web pages on your site, intended so that search engines can easily crawl your entire site.
  • Customized meta keywords. Many search engines use meta keywords, or keywords that you embed within the coding of the website, to help search engines discover what terms you wish to rank for. For instance, if you sell shoes, your meta keywords might include “Reebok shoes,” “shoes for sale” or “discount shoes.”
  • SEO-friendly URLs. The proper URL structure is critically important for allowing search engines to properly index your site, and to help you rank for the right keywords. Magento takes care of this automatically.

All of these key ingredients are essential to onsite optimization, and can mean the difference between a #1 Google rank and page 5 graveyard rank. Some of these benefits, like SEO-friendly URLs and Google sitemaps, are fully automated and require no additional effort on your part, but automation will only get you so far. Professional SEO is about having a game plan, and some of Magento’s SEO tools can become far more effective when used with a professional touch.

Hiring a Magento Partner

Coalition Technologies is a certified Magento partner. Our full-time SEO team has used Magento and other shopping cart platforms extensively, and we understand how to maximize the potential of all of the Magento SEO tools. Because SEO isn’t just a process; it’s a strategy. Finding and targeting the right keywords, understanding how often to use those keywords, and knowing how to balance keyword usage with readability…these things are extremely important, but you can’t automate them, at least not with any real effectiveness.

A professional SEO team will get to know your business, its goals, and the terminology and trends associated with your industry. The team will then develop a plan for targeting precisely the right keywords on precisely the right pages, with title tags and meta descriptions that use all the right keywords while also enticing potential site visitors, and even high-quality site content, including blog articles, product descriptions and category descriptions, which further drive your SEO goals.

And here is another very important reason for hiring a Magento Partner: offsite SEO. No matter how good Magento’s onsite tools may be, they can’t help you to build valuable inbound links, generate anchor text from external websites, create quality content or build an audience through effective social media strategies (though Magento can make it easy to automate social media posts).

For offsite SEO, you need an SEO team that understands how the search engine algorithms work, and that knows how to naturally and effectively improve search engine rankings through a wide variety of different avenues. This means making the best use of Magento’s SEO tools while also employing proven strategies outside the website.

Why Choose Coalition Technologies?

At Coaliton Technologies, ecommerce is our business. Our knowledgeable SEO team has helped businesses large and small to improve their search engine rankings through a combination of highly-effective SEO techniques, and our SEO efforts also incorporate aspects of marketing and public relations, which helps you to build not only your online presence, but your brand.

As a Magento partner, we understand the platform inside and out. We know how to best utilize every plug-in and every tool to ensure the maximum SEO benefit, and our team works tirelessly and leaves no stone unturned when optimizing your website. Our development and design teams also work with Magento to create stunning, professional websites.

If you would like to ensure the maximum SEO benefit for your ecommerce business, contact us at Coalition Technologies. Our SEO team constantly studies trends in SEO to remain on the cutting edge of Google’s trends and algorithm changes, so that you can continue to reap rewards even as your competitors must weather the tides of ongoing SEO changes. Call us today at 310-827-3890.

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