Los Angeles SEO Jobs – The Professionals That Serve Your Business

Search engine optimization is a booming industry, and for good reason. Google’s search engine alone retrieves over a billion search results a day. Every serious business today competes for top rankings in the organic search results of engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing due to the sheer amount of traffic that is served by the organic results. SEO seems simple enough; just find the right keywords, build the right links, and get yourself to the top of the organic results, right? Of course, SEO is much more complicated than that, and gets more complicated every day as industry leaders like Google innovate their search algorithms. As a firm based out of Los Angeles, Coalition Technologies employs scores of SEO professionals – the amount of Los Angeles SEO jobs alone is mind boggling – and we use every last inch of talent we can tap into to keep our clients competitive with their SEO. Below is a glimpse into the professional SEO world that serves businesses every day, and the Los Angeles SEO jobs that make the industry tick.


Search algorithms pay special attention to the way sites relate to each other. Does the site link to other useful, high quality, reliable links? Or is the site just a link farm that is going to keep its users lost and frustrated? Linkbuilders are professionals that know how to build high quality links in a meaningful manner that will optimize the visitor’s experience, and thus increase ranking on a search engine.

Copy Managers and Copywriters

Content is more important than ever to search engines. What copy managers and copywriters do is generate and arrange content that is informative and engaging to the consumer, which amounts to more clicks, time on page, social media sharing, return visits, and all of the other interrelated statistics that search algorithms keep track of. There are no shortage of Los Angeles SEO jobs in this department.

SEO Strategists and Managers

SEO strategists and managers direct SEO efforts through careful analyses, market research, and site optimizations. These specialists are tasked with building and overseeing SEO processes and making sure the entire SEO team works efficiently.

Report Managers

Report managers look at SEO reports generated from huge volumes of data using analytics tools, and then parse out what is happening in those reports so that effective action can be taken to increase effectiveness of SEO efforts.

Graphic Designers

More than ever, a large part of SEO relies on user experience. Graphic designers are charged with creating visually compelling websites and graphics in marketing messages that make a deep impression on users, keeping them coming back and circulating what they find on social media.


Developers are often tasked with building excellent websites and shopping carts which aren’t only SEO optimized, but look and feel great for visitors. If site content is compelling enough, visitors will return, share websites, generate buzz, and much more, which is all necessary for today’s SEO.

Keyword Specialist

Keyword specialists research keyword usage and effectiveness and target keywords that are the most effective, determining how keywords will be used and where.

PPC Managers

PPC manager Los Angeles SEO jobs are another essential component to professional SEO efforts. PPC managers handle pay per click campaigns which more directly and precisely target customers to supplement organic search traffic.

Social Media Managers

Social media is crucial to today’s SEO tactics. If you can get people to get excited about a product or service, they will share it on social media outlets and word will spread virally if done right. This is a great return in which you get tons of exposure without any costs. Social media managers work to leverage social media as much as possible.

PR Specialists

PR specialists handle your company, brand image, and reputation online, which translates to traffic, linkage, reviews, and more, all of which contribute to your overall search engine ranking.

Hire a SEO Professional

As you can see from these Los Angeles SEO jobs, SEO is a multifaceted process which requires many different professionals working together to execute the most effective SEO campaign. Does competitive SEO sound a little overwhelming now? It doesn’t have to be. Coalition Technologies has a dedicated team of SEO professionals that will work for your business to put together an effective SEO campaign to get your site to the top of search engine rankings. What are you waiting for? Call us at 1-888-993-7639 today and receive your free quote.

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