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Isabis Beauty Partners with Coalition Technologies

Isabis is a Namibian word meaning “something beautiful,” and something beautiful is exactly what Leila Njimoluh seeks to create by promoting worthwhile hair care products and practical information. Leila’s Isabis Beauty website is all about addressing the needs of ethnic women all over the world, though her site is specifically focused on customers in the United States and Europe.

But Isabis Beauty isn’t just about selling products. It’s about building a community where women can discuss ethnic hair care products, hairstyles and techniques in a positive and knowledgeable atmosphere. Creating this community was Leila’s dream, but having a dream is only the first step. Building an established, authoritative web company is a daunting task, and that’s where Coalition Technologies enters the picture.

Leila partnered with Coalition Technologies to bring her dream to fruition, and now Isabis Beauty is serving its mission of bringing people together and selling only the best ethnic hair care products, which promote hair growth and repair. Isabis also sells skincare products for a wide variety of complexions. In addition to shopping, visitors can view educational videos, read informative articles, upload their own videos and engage in productive dialogue with one another.

When she started out, Leila had only a few contacts and a wealth of knowledge about hair care. She now runs Isabis Beauty as a one-woman LLC. The site includes a regularly-updated blog, easy-to-navigate product pages and even a section where customers can share pictures of their own hairstyles with the world.

Whether you want to learn about new haircare lines, view braiding tutorials or receive hair regimen tips from experts, Isabis has you covered. Or maybe you want to try out a specialized conditioner made with garlic, or a hard-to-find hair treatment product enriched with bamboo. As you can see, Isabis Beauty is a hair care site like no other.

Coalition Technologies was responsible for the web design and development, as well as for entering informational content and creating product pages. We worked with Leila every step of the way to create the website of her dreams, one that even rivals some of the Internet’s largest hair care providers.

Initially, we sought to build her site using BigCommerce software, but upon learning of her desire to build a multilingual, multi-currency site, we decided that Magento was the better e-commerce solution. Now customers can view the site in English and French, and make purchases in either U.S. Dollars or Euros, depending on country of origin. We also added an interactive WordPress blog to the site, which makes it possible for Leila to easily update the site with news and videos on a regular basis.

Leila is ecstatic about the results that have come from her partnership with Coalition Technologies. After the launch of her site, she even sent us a card, balloons and fruit bouquet to express her gratitude. Now she continues to live her dream as new customers discover Isabis Beauty every day.

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