Los Angeles Web Design Firm Intro

Joel, Coalition Technologies’ company founder, has created this video as an introduction to our website design firm, showing a small sampling of some of our services. Take a peek at the video, then read on, afterwards for more info and insight into what we do and why we’re different.

What are some of the highlights of the film, and what are some of the ways that this service offering might help you to be more web ready/enabled?

The most primary takeaway from this clip is that we don’t do cookie cutter sites. Coalition Technologies is not one of those LA web design firms that just provides ‘cookie cutter’ services, where the same site design, layout, and supporting technologies are repeated time and time again. You’ll notice in every instance that the sites carried a unique feature set and look, that helps to support their business model and client reach.

We also don’t shy away from more challenging work. A lot of web development companies in Los Angeles either over charge for complicated work (and than over pay for a short term hire of an independent contractor), or they just don’t ever recommend approaching any additional technologies. They simply borrow from open source API and never think about how to make something new or unique. From the custom coded ecommerce stores (like Digital-Auto-Gauges.com) to the massive database sites (like IC Plus), Coalition Technologies does it all. We also are working on development of some new social network site concepts and several other more specialized vertical industry targeted sites with completely new technology needs. In any of these instances our Los Angeles based web design firm is fully capable of creating the proper design, the proper technology and applications, and the proper user experience.

Most of you will also have heard Joel repeatedly emphasize how searchable our sites our by major search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This is one of our prime directives for our development and website creation. It doesn’t matter where your business is based, be it Los Angeles or be it elsewhere in California, or around the globe. One truth remains for your website- if it isn’t promoting you, and it isn’t being found, than it is pointless. Websites should direct customers to you, in addition to providing valuable services and information directly to them. Our company offers integrated search engine optimization with proven results and significant ROI. Many LA web designers offer SEO services, but don’t fully understand the work required to generate results, or they gamble with your site’s reputation and ranking in Google by using ‘black hat’ SEO services.

We really dedicate ourselves to understanding you, understanding your business and its product offerings, as well as what your vertical industry. We examine the other success stories online, look for insight that we can use and leverage, and then implement them to ensure that your site is not only competitive, but that is leading the pack. Regardless of what you need, we’re equipped to deliver!

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