Los Angeles Web Designers Give a Heavy Dose of eCommerce

Birkdale Medicinals

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Birkdale Medicinals provides naturally enhancing medications to men and women of all ages. Their most prominently sold ingredient is medicinal mushrooms. Products range in application from every day health issues to bone density loss and liver problems. Birkdale even has special medications for that pretty pet; these can be found at www.k9criticalcare.com – also a Coalition Technologies creation.

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K9 Critical Care’s website stems off of Birkdale Medicinals. So it shares a visual format. K9 Critical Care also features a custom blog development designed on WordPress.

Coalition has designed a proactive site that makes it easy for people to shop at any time by way of nearly every payment method, as well as research and study everything that BirkMeds.com has to offer. The site was built on a BigCommerce platform because it allows the Birkdale Medicinals staff to easily navigate product details, purchases, and customer reviews.

BirkMeds.com is search engine optimized, so it can receive the most traffic and a significant return on their investment. It’s also conversion optimized, which means that Coalition Technologies makes every effort to turn everyday page viewers into long-term customers.

The site includes favicons that lead directly to their Facebook and Twitter pages; this is done to provide more audience outreach. The landing page features a jQuery slideshow and helpful links that lead to articles on Birkdale Medicinals’ human supplements and research, reviews from previous buyers, and money-saving coupons. Coalition uses colorful, custom styling to implement an attractive logo, landing page, and overall website.

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