Magento Web Design + Strong SEO = A Tru Success


Their business is in creating the least expensive Mifi device and services without any contracts.  For $5 a month plus a few pennies per megabyte of usage, TruConnect can give you access to the internet absolutely anywhere – hotels (where Wifi is something like $15 per day), parks, grocery stores. Anywhere. TruConnect partnered with global voice, data, and Internet provider Sprint. This move is sure to give them a greater reach, and supports them as they becoming the leading MiFi company.

In the web development world, we know that a very beautiful web design doesn’t always lead to a very successful online business. But it definitely helps. Coalition Technologies has created a web design for TruConnect.com that looks clean, modern, and easy to navigate; its landing page has strong calls to action; and it successfully executes top-notch SEO tactics. All of these aspects work together to truly sell TruConnect services, which in turn convert potential buyers into long-term customers.

With Coalition’s attention to detail and knowledge of excellent web construction, it’s really no wonder TruConnect took off so quickly. In the worldwide arena of mobile and internet marketing, TruConnect has made an incredible entrance. With the help of Coalition Technologies, TruConnect.com has shown an increased conversion rate of 0.5% to 1.3% in less than a month. In the first three months of work, TruConnect’s Google AdWords revenues went from $3,700 to $28,400 per month – that’s about a 770% increase in revenue. The numbers speak for themselves: Coalition Technologies has helped to create yet another successful online business.

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