Meet M2H Tile Boutique

Meet M2H Tile Boutique

Coalition Technologies couldn’t be happier to announce our new partnership with M2H Tile Boutique. Short for “Maker To Home,” this company lives up to its name with handcrafted mosaics and tile patterns that bring wholesale quality prices to homeowners in need of a new look. Let Coalition introduce you to M2H and explain why we’re so excited to be helping them in their marketing endeavors.

About M2H

M2H has a simple goal that anyone can appreciate: provide your home with a beautiful custom tile pattern that won’t come with an outrageous sticker shock once it’s finally installed. This family owned L.A. company creates all its mosaics and tiling patterns with handmade glass and natural marble, and uses multi-purpose self-adhesive to ensure your new design’s longevity. They feature a wide range of patterns and styles that run the gamut from breezy island inspired designs to modern minimalism, inviting customers of all tastes and styles to find something they like. M2H also offers tile samples and free shipping, so the consumer always knows exactly what they’re getting—and what they want—before committing to a full interior renovation project.

M2H has a consumer-friendly mentality exemplified by their generous shipping policies, easy-to-use website and commitment to keeping their prices reasonable. Their pricing makes them affordable to a wide range of homeowners, and the quality of their tilework makes them desirable to higher end consumers as well. M2H marries the efficiency and convenience of a home renovation chain store with the craftsmanship and individual appeal of a local business. We at Coalition think there’s potential to make big waves with this combination, and we can’t wait to join M2H on their journey towards the next level of brand visibility.

Coalition Is on Your Side

Do you have a fantastic idea and a desirable product that needs a boost? Maybe you’re a venerable entrepreneur that could use some more eyes on your new endeavor. No matter how experienced or active in your field you are, Coalition Technologies can help you bring your brand recognition to the next level. We offer tailor-made SEO solutions for all of our clients’ marketing needs, with a track record of happy partners to prove our systems work. If your business needs a jumpstart for its visibility, or your current marketing solutions aren’t cutting it for your brand anymore, Coalition is where you should turn to.

We’re always happy to hear from new clients, and we offer a free consultation upon touching base. Call us today at (310)-905-8268 or visit our contact page to learn more about how we can help your brand grow. Coalition’s SEO marketing acumen and client satisfaction is second to none, and we’re excited to prove it to you. Call now and help your project reach its potential today.

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