Migrating From Magento Go to Bigcommerce

The news is spreading: Magento Go is closing out for good on February 1st, 2015. This means that users of the eBay-owned e-commerce program are all forced to make a decision, and that decision is which program and service to migrate to for their online shopping cart needs. If you’re a current user of Magento Go and you’re just hearing this news now, don’t worry. We can help: contact us here.

For users of Magento Go, making a decision to migrate to a new service can be difficult. A lot of small-scale retailers and local storefronts have online stores that have been up and running for long periods of time without requiring much attention or direct maintenance. Having to migrate to a whole new service can be intimidating for folks like these.

If you’re one of these retailers, we have good news. We partner with one of the top names in online e-commerce: Bigcommerce. We can help you migrate to Bigcommerce, and you’ll be back to the daily flow of running your business both in-store and online in no time.

Bigcommerce is an Easy Transition

The word “migrating” might sound like a long and painful process, and if you select the wrong new shopping cart service, it can be. However, Bigcommerce is designed with ease of use in mind, and the program itself is known for being easily adaptable for new users.

And, with the latest big news that Magento Go will be shutting down, Bigcommerce is ready and excited to take on users switching over from Magento Go. They’re offering free migration and free trials to users migrating from Magento Go, and we’re happy to help you make the move to Bigcommerce.

Setting up Shop

Transitioning into a brand new shopping cart program does mean that you might have to make a few changes to the framework of your online selling. Luckily, Bigcommerce is one of the most customizable services out there, giving you the option to customize your e-commerce to the way you want it, no exceptions.

If you’ve got a plan in mind for promotions with your new shopping cart, Bigcommerce can help you make that plan a reality in your online store. From special pricing all the way to targeted sales and everywhere in between, migrating from Magento Go to Bigcommerce means being able to promote and sell your products exactly as you want them to be promoted and sold.

Bigcommerce offers useful tools and widgets for users, such as their analytics tool, which allows users to track promotional data and shopping trends. Their features like these are designed to be easily understood and simple to use for any type of retailer or small business outlet.

Make the Switch

Remember: February 1st is the final day for Magento Go, so if you’re a current Magento Go user you’ll need to be up and running with a new service prior to that date.

Choosing to migrate to Bigcommerce means making a quick and easy transition to a new service, and it also means you’ll have the support of a program known for ease of use, functionality and customizability. It’s all wrapped up into one awesome e-commerce program, which you can find out more about right here.

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