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Attempting to review NetSuite is like attempting to review a restaurant. There are so many different menu items to consider, where does one begin, and do we judge the entire establishment on one key dish, or do we average out the highlights? It’s tricky, because NetSuite is not a single program, but rather a collection of interrelated programs, each of which serves a unique business function. At Coalition Technologies, our Los Angeles NetSuite designers and programmer work with every facet of the NetSuite family on a daily basis, and we have found that when you put it all together, NetSuite is truly in a league by itself.


NetSuite – Breaking it Down

When it comes to business, one of the most popular and versatile NetSuite selections is SuiteCommerce, the NetSuite eCommerce solution. Like other eCommerce platforms, SuiteCommerce enables you to easily build and maintain a website for your business, complete with product listings, categorized pages and order processing. But NetSuite takes it one step further. Rather than simply enabling you to create a website, SuiteCommerce fluidly integrates a range of essential business operations by allowing you to incorporate the company’s trademark CRM and ERP services into your agenda.

So in other words, you can handle site management, financial accounting, customer relations and marketing all from one simple platform, all while utilizing the full benefit of cloud computing across your entire network. These capabilities are nothing short of astonishing, and that’s why NetSuite has become the new standard for business management in the online world. PC Magazine gave NetSuite its coveted  Editors’ Choice rating, and the software has won tech awards and accommodations the world over. Here at Coalition Technologies, our Los Angeles NetSuite designers & programmers also give it their highest recommendation.


No Software Is Perfect

Of course, even NetSuite has its shortcomings, and we would be remiss if we didn’t at least mention them. For starters, NetSuite may not be the best solution for the less tech-savvy business owners. With great power comes great complexity, and for someone who’s seeking a simple point-and-click eCommerce solution, NetSuite may not be the best way to go. Second, the eCommerce software does leave a lot to be desired when it comes to design and customization. That’s why we recommend hiring custom developers to help you bring out the best in your website. This isn’t entirely the fault of NetSuite, of course. Customization is a tricky issue with any eCommerce system because in order to truly make the platform your own, you have to get your hands dirty with a bit of code. If you would like to build your brand online and get the most from your NetSuite experience, consider hiring our Los Angeles NetSuite designers & programmers.


Coalition Technologies – Your NetSuite Professionals

At Coalition Technologies, our team has been working with NetSuite for years, and our designers and developers are among the best in the industry. Check out our portfolio and see some of the work we have done for the nation’s leading businesses. We work with companies large and small, and we can help you to maximize your return on investment by designing a site that’s truly unique and appeals to your customers’ greatest needs, while also implementing all of the essential marketing and SEO measures to give you that much needed competitive edge. Call us for a free quote at 1-310-827-3890, and let’s go places!

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