Now Available: Selling on Walmart Marketplace via BigCommerce

Now Available: Selling on Walmart Marketplace via BigCommerce

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BigCommerce has just announced an exciting new opportunity for qualified US merchants! Business owners with BigCommerce stores are now able to sell their products directly on Walmart Marketplace, accessing millions of new customers. This ability allows companies of all sizes to partner with one of the world’s largest retailers, showcasing their brand to drive more sales. Coalition Technologies explains how selling on Walmart can benefit your business.


What is Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart Marketplace is an online platform created by Walmart, which allows third-party retailers to sell their products on the company’s website. As on Amazon or eBay, retailers’ items appear in search results on alongside the company’s own products and the products of other third-party sellers. Selling on the marketplace adds another avenue to increase sales and make your products available to a wider audience.


Benefits of Selling on Walmart via BigCommerce

Using BigCommerce to sell on Walmart Marketplace offers numerous benefits:

Enjoy 30 days of sales commission-free

This one’s a no-brainer! For a limited time, new sellers will enjoy $0 commission rates during their first month on the marketplace. If you’ve already been considering taking the leap (or even if you haven’t), this is the perfect time to try it out and take advantage of this promotion.

An expedited BigCommerce review process

Merchants operating through BigCommerce will also enjoy expedited application review, so you can get up and running on the marketplace in no time. Applying through BigCommerce lets businesses become approved Walmart sellers more quickly than if they tried to apply on their own.

Easy, centralized management within BigCommerce

BigCommerce makes it easy to manage your Walmart Marketplace orders. BigCommerce will keep your products synced with, displaying orders in your control panel. You won’t have to juggle both systems, keeping track of your BigCommerce store and Walmart Marketplace orders. You can simply track orders, inventory, products, and fulfillment on your control panel. With BigCommerce, you can enjoy all the benefits of selling on this marketplace with no additional work required.


How to Set Up This Functionality

Walmart Marketplace is now available as a channel in the BigCommerce Channel Manager. To begin selling on Walmart, sellers simply need to Connect within the Channel Manager. 

a list of marketplaces in the Channel Manager

They will then need to complete the application to become a Walmart Marketplace seller. 

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After the marketplace approves their applications, merchants just need to select an integrator and follow the onboarding procedures. After that, they can begin selling! 


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