Online Marketing in Less Than a Minute

It can be tough to devote enough time to properly promote your business, brand, product or service online, let alone separate time for planning advertising, marketing and PR. That said, there are a number of quick tactics that you can certainly devote some time to if you’d like to beef up your online marketing efforts. Check out some of the ideas below.


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Spruce up your homepage

There are a few quick things you can do to really add a marketable touch to your homepage.

First, the headline on your homepage can make or break the site in general. Most people that arrive on your site will read your headline: it’s the content below the headline that less people read. By thinking up an engaging, effective headline that fits your business, visitors will be more likely to continue reading your content.

It doesn’t require a lot of time, and there are sites available, such as Portent’s Content Idea Generator, designed to help you create a great headline that’s tailored to your specific field or business. And of course, companies specializing in SEO Los Angeles CA like Coalition Technologies can help you here as well.

Another quick homepage tip that can be fairly simple: add a social media bar in a prominent place on your page. Do you have an active Twitter or maybe a successful Pinterest feed? Make sure to shout it out to visitors by placing your social icons in a social media bar! More often than you’d think, people end up clicking on the icons to check out your social activity.

Create a call to action for your most popular page

First off here, if you don’t use Google Analytics, read into using it. You’ll be glad you did.

Use Google Analytics to figure out which of your pages has the most view. If you don’t already have a call to action on this page, create one on your most popular web page that’s both relevant and engaging. You want something that will engage visitors by offering a value related to the subject of your most-visited page.

Create your own social post instead of sharing

Instead of sharing the post another brand put up, it’s better to get credit for it yourself, ethically of course, by utilizing a created post. Created posts get more viral reach out into the social world, and they also get more organic engagement over posts that are simply shared.

This doesn’t mean that you have to repost other people’s content and call it your own. You can easily take a news post from CNN, for example, and write your own post from the content that CNN posted. If it would make you feel better, give CNN some props (perhaps by tagging them or using “via @CNN”).


Stop over to Reddit to find trending topics

If you aren’t familiar with Reddit, you should be. Reddit is great for coming up with ideas for content, especially blog content. Having a tough time figuring out what to write about? Visit Reddit, piggyback off of what you see is popular, and go from there!

Once you’ve been inspired with a topic to post about and you’ve done a little reading into what people are saying on sites like Reddit, you can create a solid, interesting Facebook post or blog post about a trending topic.

So there you have it! These little one-minute tasks will benefit you in the end, and they’re simple to do. Need more help with online marketing and SEO? SEO Los Angeles CA at Coalition Technologies!

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