PHP Contact Form Creation

Here is a video of Joel, our LA web design firm founder, creating a simple PHP contact form. Like every member of our staff, Joel has a full grasp on a broad skill set, so that he is better able to guide the building and development of websites of all stripes.

PHP is one of the building blocks of the modern web and a vital part of many of our Los Angeles and worldwide clients’ web sites.

The contact form is a big part of being able to create a relationship with clients and can be quite complex or very simple (like the one that Joel is developing in Dreamweaver in this video). Our designers (including Joel) are fully capable of creating secure, reliable PHP elements that add functionality to your website.

We also pay close attention to browsing behavior, so regardless of what type of coding you need, and how complex the services are, we can create a website that is optimized for conversions. Why is a conversion optimized website so important? Just like the old marketing experts from newspapers and magazines gave you instructions for placement of text and information inside print ads, we’ve developed a tested methodology that increases the likelihood that your clients will buy from you (if you are an ecommerce website) or will reach out to contact you (if you are professional website or service website, like doctors, attorneys, subcontractors, etc). Many designers simply overlook this important element of website design. But we, at Coalition Technologies, understand that the best web designs not only remove the obstacles and roadblocks for your customers, but they actually encourage them to choose you over others.

From copy writing, to marketing, to graphic design, our team is focused on being able to set your site apart and make it unique. We’re very attentive to the developments in the internet world, and can give you insight about how the power plays between Google, Microsoft, Facebook and others can impact your business and direct your marketing spend.

Ultimately, we’ve created a more focused web design company, aimed at being able to create and implement cohesive strategies that generate results.

Please contact us at 310.827.3890 if you have more questions on what we do, how we do it, and how we can help.

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