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With companies constantly vying to stay above their competition, it’s not hard to see why widespread social media network Pinterest has made such notable leaps and bounds. As social media networks are constantly growing, none quite match the obvious progression that Pinterest has shown in the last year. The invite-only content sharing outlet has quickly developed into the third most popular social networking in the U.S since its launch only 2 years ago. Only Facebook and Twitter hold leads over the company.
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From January to February alone, Pinterest has seen a 50 percent gain in traffic.

Pinterest allows small businesses and large corporations alike to market products and services by publishing photos with hashtagged descriptions. Viewers can then “Repin” and “Like” the photo, which launches the photo into a vast audience and, hopefully, a growing chain of repins and likes.

It’s obvious that Pinterest is changing the way companies can interact with customers, as well as affect their industries. Now, efforts from businesses to gain a wider audience go beyond just viewing information on a wall. Companies can actually engage consumers by designing boards and promoting elements that intend to build brand loyalty and drive traffic.

Founded a few short years ago by a small company based out of West Des Moines, Iowa, Pinterest has successfully used its invite only model and sharing oriented development to reach this new threshold. Considering the size of recent social network IPOs you have to believe that Pinterest’s investors are going to be happy they got in when they did. LinkedIn, valued at close to $9 billion dollars after its IPO may serve as a valuable ‘measuring’ stick to determine what Pinterest is worth. Google + probably cost a whole lot more to build and continues to fall behind as other more creative SN site concepts launch.

Coalition Technologies’ most commonly used eCommerce platforms, BigCommerce and Magento, support this new social movement. Along with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, viewers can share any product to any board via the “Pin It” button.

To see how Coalition Technologies can best use Pinterest and other social networks to contribute to your marketing campaign, contact us now!

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