Planning a Migration From Magento Go

If you’re affected by the recent news that Magento Go will be shutting down this coming February, one thing is certain: You’ll have to plan and execute a quick, smooth migration from Magento Go.

Planning a migration from Magento Go to a new e-commerce program is something you might find to be intimidating, or generally just a time-consuming hassle, but don’t worry. We can help.

Here are a few tips for planning your migration from Magento Go:

Review the Field

As we’ve mentioned before, there isn’t just one other e-commerce program out there that serves as an alternative to Magento Go. There are lots of alternatives to your current service, and each of them could potentially be your perfect fit for a new online shopping cart program. Popular alternatives to Magento Go include:

Magento Community: The open-source tier of the Magento e-commerce software and the most popular Magento product. This will require a bit of programming knowhow if you want to reap the full benefit.

Magento Enterprise: Tailored for large and fast-growing retailers and not for local storefronts.

Bigcommerce: A well-known shopping cart solution for online retailers and a popular alternative to Magento Go.

Shopify: Another well-known e-commerce solution and another comparable platform to Magento Go.

Each of these programs has different and unique features designed for retailers of all types and sizes. However, it’s important to carefully review each alternative to Magento Go and weigh your options with potential new services. We can help you with this.

Reviewing the field means researching what each service can do (and do the best) for you. For example, Bigcommerce has a reputation for being an SEO heavyweight, optimizing small-scale local storefronts and large-scale storefronts alike to be perfected for the search engines. In contrast to this, Shopify might be a better option for small retailers looking for a simple, streamlined online store, with not a whole lot added on. Shopify’s core costs are generally more affordable to small-scale retailers than alternative e-commerce solutions.

By reviewing your options and understanding what’s out there, you’ll be well informed when making a final decision to switch over to a new service.

Know Exactly What You Want

Once you’ve reviewed your options and have made a selection, it’s also important to assess your current online store and determine if there’s anything you’d like to change or enhance when you switch platforms. Perhaps you’d like to look into using more analytical tools in your new program, or maybe you’re interested in making your pricing and promotions more detailed or complex.

It’s best to have a solid, laid-out plan of what you want for your online store before you make a switch to a new service. Knowing exactly what you want in a new e-commerce solution will help you roll out your new store to exactly the way you want it to be.

Seek Guidance

Having trouble making a decision or formulating a plan to migrate? Have no fear. We partner with Bigcommerce and Shopify, and have tons of experience with online storefronts. We’d be happy to help! Contact us for more info.

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