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PPCPay per click (PPC) is a form of online advertising that is often discussed along with search engine optimization (SEO), but PPC and SEO are different disciplines in the practice of online marketing. If you are considering adding a PPC campaign to your franchise’s online marketing strategy, it may help to start by differentiating the practice from its close counterpart SEO.


PPC consists of paying for search listings that appear at a highly visible place on the search engine results page — usually at the top of the page above organic search listings or on the upper sides of the page. When a PPC ad is clicked, its owner pays a nominal advertising fee. With the exception of upfront costs for initiating the campaign, this arrangement allows franchises to only pay for the ads to the degree that they stimulate interest from search users.

SEO, on the other hand, consists of “optimizing” a web page in order to improve its search engine results position (SERP). Unlike paid PPC ads, which immediately appear in the desired position on the search results page, unpaid organic search listings take time to achieve a high SERP. This is one reason why PPC and SEO are often included in the same online marketing strategy.

Why Use PPC?

According to a study by GFK — a leading online source of market and consumer information — 70-80% of search users “ignore paid ads” and click on organic search listings instead. At first glance, this statistic can make PPC seem somewhat ineffective as an online marketing strategy. However, it is important to remember that the 20-30% of search users who do respond to PPC ads constitute multiple millions of people, some of whom may be a part of your target audience.

This is why it is important to have an online marketing agency that performs PPC for franchises, such as Coalition Technologies, identify the different segments (a.k.a. niches) of your target audience to see if PPC would be a viable marketing strategy for your online business goals. If PPC is indeed a good strategy for reaching your audience, we will implement PPC ads as a part of your online marketing plan as expeditiously as possible.

Why Choose Coalition Technologies?

The value of a PPC campaign depends largely on the service provider’s level of experience and expertise with Google AdWords, which is Google’s online advertising program for PPC. Coalition Technologies is Google AdWords certified and has years of experience handling PPC campaigns for franchises. If PPC is a good marketing strategy for your franchise, we will help you implement a Google AdWords account and manage it to achieve the best PPC results.

The quality of our PPC for franchises speaks for itself. In over 5 years of providing PPC and other internet marketing strategies for over 300 clients, we have achieved a 97% client retention rate and a 99% client satisfaction rate. Unlike some online marketing agencies, we only suggest implementing a PPC campaign if it will help you achieve your goals. If other strategies would work better than PPC, those are the ones that we suggest.

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PPC is a highly effective online marketing strategy for many franchises. To learn whether PPC would be a good strategy for your franchise, call Coalition Technologies — a leading provider of PPC for franchises — at (310) 827-3890 to schedule a free consultation, or use our contact form. We have helped hundreds of businesses achieve online business objectives, and we are here to help your business, too. Contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you!

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