PPC Strategies: Google Shopping Actions

PPC Strategies: Exploring the Benefits of Google’s Shopping Actions Program

When it comes to the operation of a business, most people are accustomed to traditional SEO practices to optimize their sales funnel. What they might not be expecting is for customers to be able to place orders and make payments through Google itself.

This is what Google is introducing with its new Shopping Actions program. Let’s take a look at some of the impacts this change will have on your PPC strategies, and some of the benefits you can expect to realize with this program.

What Is the Idea Behind It?

In the past, Google introduced elements of online shopping through its Google Express platform, but this undertaking was relatively limited and challenging to become a part of. On top of that, the numbers just weren’t there as this sort of e-commerce wasn’t as accepted at the time. However, now that we’re seeing more brick-and-mortar establishments closing down in favor of e-commerce companies, Google believes that the time has come to try this idea on a larger scale.

How Is It Different from Past Attempts?

When Google first introduced this sort of service, it was put in place to serve traditional brick-and-mortar companies with the idea that Google delivery drivers could be used to deliver items quickly.

With its new Shopping Actions program, Google is looking to focus more on helping out established e-commerce companies.

What Does It Do?

Google’s Shopping Actions program works by bringing a large number of companies to a single location, all for the convenience of the customer. There’s even Google Assistant functionality, which means that customers will be able to shop with just a couple of taps or clicks. Instead of utilizing each company’s order-processing server, customers will be able to order their goods straight from Google’s interface. This speeds up the order-taking process and enhances security for the customer while reducing IT overhead for the business.

How Does This Help?

One of the most significant ways that the Shopping Actions program helps small businesses with their PPC strategies is by easing a significant source of strain on their development team. With Google fielding a substantial portion of the orders placed, more resources can be spent on other development tasks, or even elsewhere in the company altogether.

The new program also helps by making the ordering process more convenient, with customers able to save their payment information, making them far more likely to shop again with a given small business.

What Do I Need to Do?

For the first step, it’s a good idea to look into incorporating a product review section on your website. As e-commerce continues to grow, potential customers are only going to depend on such product reviews even more.

With Google’s Shopping Actions program this is even more important. It pulls review data from a variety of sources, including Amazon and eBay, allowing potential customers to see what other customers had to say about your products. A potential customer is far more likely to do business with you if they see you have a high rating by many reviewers, versus a low rating, or even none at all.

Will the Shopping Actions Program Succeed?

A variety of retailers have tried for years to incorporate similar e-commerce programs. What’s different here is largely the organization behind the concept. With Google’s depth of talent and resources, it’s easy to imagine that mass implementation will happen within the next few months or a year at the latest.

There will, no doubt, be a learning curve involved and a period of growth where bugs need to be ironed out, but it’s likely that Google’s Shopping Actions program is here to stay. As a result, it would serve you well to do some more research on the program and see how it might affect your business before you get started with it.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started with Google’s Shopping Actions program today, first read Google’s participation criteria, and then, if you’re eligible, fill out their interest form.

The metrics on its acceptance rate are not in yet, but, if you like the idea of Google handling your online sales for you, it doesn’t hurt to try to become an early adopter. When you consider the reach of Google and the impact of its search engine alone on customer outreach, it isn’t a stretch to think that this new program stands to have a monumental effect on e-commerce in the long run. By getting in early, you’ll be well-equipped to take advantage of the program as it grows.

Things Are Changing

When it comes to the world of e-commerce, things are always evolving. Nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to the programs and features that Google is rolling out on a daily basis. A constant innovator, Google’s search engine optimization tools have already made a significant impact on the e-commerce world. Moreover, with their latest Shopping Actions program, this trend seems likely to continue well into the future.

What Coalition Technologies Can Do for You

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