Proper Search Engine Optimization

How to do On Page SEO Properly

Los Angeles Seach Engine Optimization
Los Angeles Seach Engine Optimization

One of the least understood aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how to do the on page work.  While understanding the concept behind backlinks is fairly straightforward, the concepts behind on page SEO are far more difficult.

This is because Google has never completely revealed what algorithm it uses to rank websites.  What we have come to understand has come from a great deal of trial and error.  The good news is that because people have spent a huge amount of time working it out we now know what it is that makes for good on page SEO.

The Basics

  • Keyword density.  Google wants to know what your article is about.  If it is about a certain keyword then you need to ensure that it is included, and included a few times.  Aim for a ‘keyword density’ (how often it appears) for about 2- 3% in articles, far higher on product descriptions.
  • Header Tags.  Search engines will know your keyword is important if it is in the title and various headers – so make sure you include the H1, H2 and H3 tags!
  • Alt tags for images.  Images aren’t all that search engine friendly – unless they include alt tags, text the search engine can read.  If you have an image that the search engine associates with a keyword then it will think of the keyword as even more relevant.
  • Italics, bolding and underlining.  These again help to emphasize the importance of the keyword to the search engines.  By putting your keyword, in various places, in bold, or in italics, or underlined, you show the search engines you place specific emphasis on those words.
  • Links.  Not backlinks to you, but you linking out!  If you link to sites that Google trusts, and that are roughly in the same category as your article, Google will decide that you are trying to be useful to your readers and rank the site higher!

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