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QR codes (or Quick Response Codes) are taking over. If you’re scratching your head wondering, “What the heck is a QR code?”, you should probably just ask your children. Most likely they’ll be the ones who know, as the youngest among us tend to be the savviest about emerging trends, but these trends can undoubtedly leave one’s head spinning. We now live in a world that revolves around hash tags, tweets, apps and pins. Sometimes it can be difficult just to distinguish our OMGs from our LOLs. Go back in time just 10 years, and people will think you’re speaking a foreign language. QR codes fit perfectly into this mold: they’re high-tech, they’re useful, and they’re confusing. In other words, you should be implementing them right now. At Coalition Technologies, we have you covered. We employ a full highly qualified team of QR Codes on Website – Developers in Los Angeles.


QR Codes on Website – Developers in Los Angeles

Okay, so that’s all well and good, but what exactly is a QR code? If you have conducted a Google search for “QR codes on website – developers in Los Angeles,” or anything similar, you probably already understand that QR codes have serious value, and that you should be paying attention. But you still may be a bit fuzzy on what these codes actually do.

A QR code (TM) is a specialized bar code that you can take your customers instantly to the web page or application of your choosing. You have undoubtedly seen them around, on buildings, fliers, menus and even ketchup bottles. They are square bar codes with black and white patterns that resemble static on an old-fashioned TV. They feature small squares located in the upper left, upper right and lower left corners.

Smartphone and tablet users can take digital snapshots of these barcodes using QR reader apps. The barcode signals the app to access a specific URL, and takes you straight to a desired location. Originally, the technology was used to track inventory in Japan’s booming automotive industry, but today, it is used more widely as a tool for businesses to improve traffic and sales, and the results are astounding.


The Benefits of QR Codes

According to a study from comScore, more than 14 million American mobile users scanned QR codes just in June of 2011. That’s more than 6 percent of mobile users in the country. If you’re not using QR codes for your business, you’re missing out on tremendous revenue potential.

When people see a URL on a flier, website or TV advertisement that reads, “Visit us online at www.ourwebsite.com”, only a small percentage will actually track down the site. But QR codes have a much higher click-through rate, for multiple reasons. First, they spark people’s curiosity. Second, they’re fun to scan. Third, nobody has to remember or manually enter the URL. And finally (and perhaps most importantly), it’s like having your own personal hyperlink that you can use anywhere. It doesn’t need to be on a web browser. You can place your QR code on a sheet of paper, on your product packaging, or even on a billboard. Mobile users can then scan the code and instantly access your website. What other technology offers that kind of convenience and freedom?


Coalition Technologies – Your QR Codes on Website Developers in Los Angeles

Are you ready to maximize your traffic and improve your conversion rate? Start incorporating the QR revolution into your business plan. At Coalition Technologies, our expert developers specialize in the creation and implementation of targeted QR codes, guaranteed to help you get the most from your online business. We can even maximize these efforts with masterful search engine optimization. If you’d like to learn more, call us today for a free quote at

. Let us show you how we can bring your business into the 21st century and beyond.

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