Reputation Management- Big, Small, and In Between

Perhaps one of the most important, and most secretive areas of Los Angeles SEO work is reputation management. Why is it so secretive? Most clients, either individuals or corporations want non-disclosure agreements in place before proceeding with the work.

For those of you who don’t know, reputation management is exactly what it sounds like. Managing reputations. Why would anyone bother with reputation management? For most professionals and companies it is far too easy for one bad story to get publicity and the rest of their positive stories to get no attention. Sometimes those bad stories, comments, or reviews are complete falsehoods, sometimes they are partially true but heavily skewed, or sometimes they’re entirely true. In the end it doesn’t matter. Reputation management is our LA web design firm’s efforts to promote positive material and content in search results, in customer review sites like Yelp, and around the web.

We have experience working with clients of all sizes. On the big end, we have handled reputation management for some of the world’s largest companies, and for their CEOs. Why would a CEO want a reputation management firm? Its a simple answer- lies, half truths, and negative news articles can directly impact the value of their company and the strength of their position with stakeholders, board members, and clients. Having a SEO company like ours who is able to ensure that the top search results are populated with positive or neutral content can help to avoid negative publicity and its ramifications. Coalition has experienced working directly with companies, with their CEOs and executives, with politicians and political campaigns, and with public relations firms, legal representatives like attorneys or lawyers. Because a poor reputation online can have a major impact on your ability to carry out your job responsibilities or can impact your ability to generate business, spending a few thousand a month for high level reputation management can be very profitable. When someone searches for your company or you, you don’t have to worry that an embarrassing mistake, or a scathing comment is the first thing people see. High level corporate reputation management is a must, if you are considering new product launches, new campaign initiatives, hiring new executives, selling a company or a share of a company, or running for office.

On the mid level, Coalition is able to perform all of its normal activities as a company handling search engine optimization aimed at promoting sales and lead generation, while also focusing efforts on decreasing search ranking for negative reviews in Yelp, Citysearch, or others. For businesses where client referrals and experience statements are everything, having a balanced SEO promotion and reputation management is imperative. As the old saying goes, it only takes on bad apple to ruin the whole bunch, and the sad truth is that even if you have one hundred positive reviews, one negative review can spoil your chance at generating leads. The nice thing with these efforts is that they are proactive- you’re building sales or revenue, and still are protecting your company name. Also occurring at this level, we do work for law firms whose clients are not getting a fair shake in the media. With more and more judges tightening down on venue changes for fair trials, it is important to have some influence on the content and information that is being publicized about your client as they prepare to face charges. The legal system is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but the court of public opinion is almost always guilty even if proven innocent these days.

Our starting level reputation management focuses on actual client reviews and management of smaller publicity items. We traditionally incorporate or build these into our SEO campaigns so that you see the positive increase and the negative decrease. Competition levels for keyword terms are a huge factor in determining price, so bear that in mind if you are considering a reputation management firm. If you are a high profile celebrity or CEO, and the New York Times just ran a scathing article on you, changing ranking will cost more, since Google skews search results towards high profile news sites like the NYT. If you contact us early enough, or if you have us securing these top level search rankings before the stories break, then we can significantly minimize their impact.

Call us today if you’re in the midst of a PR crisis, or know that there is the risk for one on the horizon. Even if there is no dark clouds circling out there, its better to lock up your search results for keywords preemptively.

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