Reputation Management in Los Angeles

So many potential clients, who really need good RM and SEO services, and so little time!

I’ve been posting pretty extensively on this blog about how to change bad Yelp reviews, and how to handle bad reviews online in general, but I wanted to be sure to draw attention to the people who really need reputation management.

If your name, or your company name, earns you money because of the assurance of your reputation, then you absolutely need to have a LA reputation management company. Even if there is nothing bad associated with you, it is still very important to have our Venice reputation management firm be proactive on your behalf.


Suspect child holding your reputation monkey hostage
This could be your reputation at the end of the gun!

Its not a difficult equation, really, and I’ll explain why.

Firstly, we established that your name=income. Either corporate or individual, if this equation is true for you, then you need to protect what we term your ‘name space’ online. Essentially, this is the first three to five pages of each search engine (30 to 50 results) that someone searching for you is likely to find information on you. This person searching could be a potential client, a potential employer, a coworker, a boss, a competitor, or a journalist. In any instance, you want those first search engine results pages to be clean, and filled with the information that you want, not that someone else has dictated. If your name equals income or possible income, those first results should be under your control.

But what if they are not? Well just think about it this way- each result that lists in those search engines that is outside of your control, is essentially a resume that someone else built for you. In the non-digital reality, we’d never hand our resume off to a stranger and tell them to rewrite it for us, and post it with all of your potential clients, all of your potential voters (?), all of your potential employers.

There are thousands of ways to get your name out there and control high level results. Building a personal website and maintaining it, submitting and maintaining dozens of social network profiles, rewriting your company content pages for better SEO, blogging on a regular basis, hiring other bloggers to help post press releases, bios, and other promotional pieces, being active in community organizations, and more! Once you’ve established that these pieces hold the highest relevance for you, you have to build up their prominence in search engine rankings through technical SEO (search engine optimization).

Sound like a lot of work?

You’re right, it is! that is why Coalition Technologies exists! We provide high level reputation management services around the country and have great success. We’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies, for high profile CEOs, celebrities, and are contributing our efforts to political campaigns.

Best of all, unlike traditional PR agencies, we don’t have to be high profile. In fact, everything we do for you is blanketed by a strong mutual NDA. Our work is most successful when it looks completely organic. We comply with the best practices of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines (which is very important- wouldn’t it be sad if your Reputation Management company dinged your reputation) and only use white hat tactics that generate the best long term results.

If you are thinking about running for a political office, or are already in politics, or if you have a high profile job or company, and want to start protecting yourself proactively, then give us a call. It is better to get these reputation management and SEO efforts going now, rather than later. IF something comes up down the road, you’ll have built a much more solid footing that you can use to defend and repel, online reputation attacks and smear campaigns by the news media, by your opponents, or by disgruntled consumers.

We’re based in Venice, California but have worked with clients from across the United States and the world. We’ve assisted major corporations, their executives and advisory boards, political candidates and office holders, and individuals looking for career changes.

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