Reputation Management Tips for Brand Marketing

Today, having a strong online reputation is crucial to success, and having a weak reputation can be a recipe for disaster. This is because so many individuals and businesses research information online about the other individuals and businesses they interact with. This online information forms the basis of what is essentially your online reputation. In fact, your online reputation forms a major part of your brand, since your brand derives its character from the way people feel about it. Below are some tips for your reputation management in Los Angeles strategy and how you can apply them to your brand marketing efforts.

Reputation Management is Brand Marketing

Ok, so these are two different disciplines, but reputation management is so important to the overall impact of your brand, that when you do engage in it, you are essentially carrying out brand marketing. As you’ve probably seen by now, changes in a business’ reputation – whether positive or negative – spread incredibly fast online today, especially via social media.

What’s more, many consumers, investors, and other businesses take care to research the reputations of the businesses, and even the leaders of the businesses they want to buy from or invest in. In today’s competitive economy, a tarnished reputation can significantly hurt a brand and result in millions in lost revenue. This makes a solid reputation management in Los Angeles strategy incredibly important to your overall brand image, both locally and globally.

Maintain Your Reputation

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Your reputation may be spotless now. Maybe you have great positive results about you at the top of the search results, and maybe everyone is saying good things about you on Facebook and Twitter, but that doesn’t mean that disaster isn’t just around the corner.

A damage to your reputation can happen very quickly, tarnishing your brand and claiming losses overnight. Besides that, search engine results are always changing, and negative pages about you can creep their way up when you least expect it.

This means you should actively maintain your reputation. This is much more affordable than responding to the damage wrought by a full-on crisis. Your reputation management in Los Angeles strategy should include actively crafting the online profile that you want the world to see and constantly working to increase its search rankings. Make sure search results for your business are all positive. If not, work to emphasize the positive ones so the negative ones are demoted. You should seek to establish a positive presence on as many online media and social outlets as possible.

Blog regularly and interact with the public. Publicize the benefits your products and services are giving to your consumers, and constantly look for ways to give back to the community.

Monitor Your Reputation

Actively maintaining your reputation is highly recommended, but there may come a day when you are suddenly hit with a reputation crisis. Not all negative sentiments are preventable. Your reputation management in Los Angeles strategy should consist of being constantly prepared for a crisis. This means setting up alerts for when your brand is mentioned; you should constantly monitor as much of the internet as possible for brand mentions and changes in sentiment.

In addition to this, you should have a plan set up in case crisis hits. Reputation threats should be handled quickly and expertly before they spread. It is important to have a dedicated department for such tasks, or keep a professional on call who knows exactly what to do.

Hire a Professional

Reputation management is a highly technical discipline which requires extensive knowledge of modern SEO and PR techniques. Hiring a professional to take care your reputation management in Los Angeles can greatly augment your brand marketing campaign and protect you from any future reputation shocks. Coalition Technologies is one of the top reputation management and SEO marketing firms in the industry. We can sit down with your business, get to know your brand, and help you craft the online profile that speaks to your customers. Give us a call at 1-888-993-7639 and get started today with a free quote.


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